Remote Editing Tips and Preparedness

Remote video editing

In 2017 a study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis found that over three percent of the American workforce spends the majority of their time working from home. This percentage is indicative of a speedy upward trend, with only two percent of the workforce working from home in 2011. Technology, as well as industry research, is affecting the way employers think about office environments. The use of web and mobile clients for popular software like Microsoft Office and Slack has opened up possibilities for employees to work from home without missing out on important communication.

The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has only increased the demand for workplace connectivity and software options for remote work. Web giants Twitter, Google, and Skillshare have opted to send employees home for the time being, allowing them to complete their work away from potential risk of infection. Situations like these are temporary, but firms that are comfortable allowing their employees to work from home during an outbreak might later consider making it a more permanent fixture of their company culture.


March 9, 2020 by Truman Wheeler in BLOG

Adobe Productions, The Evolution of Shared Projects in Premiere Pro

A screenshot of the new Productions workflow in Adobe Premiere

Say goodbye to projects as you know them. Premiere Pro is entering a new, more feature-friendly era of collaboration.

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Adobe announced a new update coming soon (edit: it’s now available!) to Premiere Pro. And it’s sure to change the way teams use Premiere on large, multi-user projects like episodic television and feature films.

It’s called “Productions,” and it’s not-so-much a new feature as it is a reimagining of the way a Premiere “project” is structured. Productions are a new way to manage projects, share assets, and keep everything organized when you’re collaborating with a team.

Adobe is taking aim at Hollywood workflows, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to people who have been following Adobe’s rapid expansion into the TV and Film market. A growing number of Hollywood editors and up-and-coming filmmakers alike have been embracing Premiere Pro for a number of years.


February 19, 2020 by Loring Weinkauf in BLOG

PSA for Video Editors: Using Catalina With Network Storage

Image of the new Mac Pro tower and Late 2019 MacBook Pro

The highly anticipated Mac Pro and the latest version of Apple’s MacBook Pro (Nov. 2019) are shipping with macOS Catalina, and it’s causing issues for some pro video users.

With two new Apple devices shipping with macOS Catalina, thousands of users are upgrading their existing systems, and thousands more are wondering if they should make the leap.

If you’re undecided about whether or not you should upgrade, or you’ve already ordered the latest Mac Pro tower or MacBook Pro, here’s what you need to know.


February 13, 2020 by Andrew McKay in BLOG

EDL, XML, and AAF: The 3 Methods for Premiere Pro to Resolve Roundtrip Workflows

Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Resolve both offer incredibly powerful standalone features. Even though Adobe and Blackmagic are actively battling it out in a war for our timelines, using the two applications together opens up an entirely new world of possibility.

While the Premiere Pro Lumetri Color panel allows for some speedy color grading and automatic adjustments, many teams benefit from using Resolve’s in-depth color grading tools alongside an Adobe Premiere Pro editing workflow. Thankfully, both applications support a large variety of file types and formats, which makes for a very complementary experience.


February 4, 2020 by Ana Lafser in BLOG

8 of the Best Editing and Filmmaking Podcasts

One of the greatest things about podcasts is that there’s always a show (or eight) for everyone. Every topic or niche, no matter how obscure, is represented. Editing and filmmaking are no exception.

With so many to choose from, how do you find the best podcasts about video production? You’re in luck, we did some of the work for you.

We put together some of our favorite podcasts for editors, filmmakers, and VFX artists. Geek out over in-depth interviews with your Hollywood heroes, gain new insights into the craft, and let these podcasts transport you onto some of the biggest sets and cutting room floors, all in a day’s commute.


January 29, 2020 by Andrew McKay in BLOG
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