ShareBrowser File & Asset Manager

File, project, and media management. Made easy.

ShareBrowser is at once immediately familiar, yet like nothing you’ve seen before in one application.

ShareBrowser enables all of your users to organize and search for media and projects across EVO storage as well as local, offline, and other network disks.

ShareBrowser is similar to Finder and Explorer, but it’s much more than a file manager: It’s designed specifically to help media teams work and collaborate more efficiently. Assets can be indexed, tagged, and commented, enabling everyone to more easily find, preview, and share media and projects. ShareBrowser is like Spotlight, but designed for media teams who use networked storage.

It not only improves visibility and access to your team’s storage systems, it conveniently enables automatic project locking for FCP, Adobe, Pro Tools and others, as well as Avid Project and Bin sharing. It even gives you the capability to securely ingest and migrate data using built-in data verification tools!

ShareBrowser is included with every new EVO shared storage system.


Organize, index, tag, share, preview, and verify all of your assets

ShareBrowser At-a-Glance

1) Runs Inside EVO

ShareBrowser is a client/server system — some of its “magic” happens automatically in your EVO storage server, where the server keeps an eye on things like file movements and project locks.

2) Unlimited Client Licenses

On the other side — the client side — ShareBrowser Desktop Client gives everyone on your team access to commonly-needed functions that frequently occur within media-centric workflows.

3) Created for Teams

ShareBrowser’s goal is to be a “single pane of glass,” where your team can consolidate its interaction with its storage workspaces quickly and conveniently, instead of floating among many different utilities.

Organize, Search, Preview

Index all of your storage devices so you can search them

Add metadata, tags, and comments to anything

Use a single search query to find what you need — even if what you need is only on offline storage

Get online and offline proxy previews

Manage data on all of your file systems

Share & Collaborate

Enable project locking for Adobe, FCP, and Pro Tools

Use Avid-native project, bin, and media sharing

Integrate with popular cloud services like Dropbox, Hightail, Google Drive, and Adobe Creative Cloud

Ask a user to unlock a project or unmount a volume

Verify that assets are identical with an MD5 checksum


Index and Search All of Your Online and Offline Storage


Index all of your storage devices! EVO storage, other file servers, camera storage, even USB and Thunderbolt disks can be included in ShareBrowser’s database. This gives you a central, searchable catalog of assets for your NAS, SAN, and local storage.

As soon as new data is added to ShareBrowser, any user can more easily find it, which is a huge benefit, especially when you have tons of media files across multiple storage systems and devices.

And to make things more organized, ShareBrowser now includes simple tagging and commenting functions so that you can describe a media file and make it easier to locate for use with future projects.

Not sure if you’ve found the right clip? Just press the spacebar to start playback of the proxy file, which is playable even if the original source media is offline!


ShareBrowser’s integration of cloud-based storage services helps to bring file access under one umbrella. Your cloud services folders can now appear as workspaces just like your other network storage.


Cloud services include Dropbox, Hightail, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive.


Simple asset management lets you add tags/keywords and make comments on your assets from folder level down to file level.

Your media and its attached metadata can now be sent directly into Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.



Share and Collaborate with Your Project Teams using ShareBrowser


When you need to get access to a locked file, just send a request through ShareBrowser and the appropriate user will be instantly notified.
Avid Project sharing and Bin locking with EVO and ShareBrowser enables native collaboration directly within the Media Composer application. This approach makes it easier for editors to share Projects and Bins in a manner that is familiar and effective.

Project locking for other NLEs enables your team to confidently work on project files with the peace of mind that users will not accidentally overwrite a file that someone else is working on. Users have clear feedback showing which projects and files are locked, and who has the project open.

The locking system supports professional applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP7, and Pro Tools, but can be adjusted to accommodate many types of files, so it’s easily extensible for future use if you find other applications you want to bring into your workflow.


Data Verification

Paste & Verify enables you to select files and folders on a source volume, select a destination, and initiate a copy for verification… Copied data sets are verified bit by bit, and the user is notified of any errors. Optional verification logging creates a text file listing any errors as well as successful transfers.


MD5 Checksum

ShareBrowser can generate an MD5 checksum for a file, store the checksum in the ShareBrowser database, and compare files against existing checksums. When an MD5 checksum is generated, the string can be copied into the clipboard and added to any text file for external delivery.



Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

ShareBrowser’s cloud integration support for Adobe Creative Cloud user storage maps a user’s Adobe Creative Cloud storage as a workspace in ShareBrowser, providing greater visibility for files shared through the cloud.

XML Exports

Produce an XML export of files and metadata for other asset managers, such as CatDV, or use new export features to directly send your media and metadata to FCPX or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Media Previews

ShareBrowser provides online previews for Quicktime and Windows Media Player, as well as offline, path-based proxies from third-party transcoding engines.


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