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  • Industry awards and trophies won by SNS
SNS Trophy Case: Industry Awards And Accolades
At SNS, we are passionate about empowering creative teams with the tools they need to create amazing content, faster, from anywhere. Seeing the impact of our work acknowledged by esteemed organizations in the media and entertainment industry over the years is truly an honor.
AI In The Workplace: Perspectives from Media Professionals
As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integrated into the workplace, professionals across every industry are navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by this transformative technology. Media production, with its emphasis on creativity and innovation, is no exception.
From Petabytes To Exabytes: The Future Of Shared Storage
Demand for storage solutions has reached unprecedented heights. And while business is good here in the era of terabytes and petabytes, everyone is looking ahead to the next frontier in data storage: the exabyte.