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New EVO Suite Features Announced At NAB Show 2024
Want to know what’s new? See what’s coming to the EVO Suite, the award-winning software suite included with EVO.
EVO: The GOAT Of Workflow
In the world of sports, names like Serena Williams, Pelé, Tom Brady, and Simone Biles are synonymous with greatness. Each of these legends has left an indelible mark on their respective fields, setting records and redefining what's possible. But in the realm of media production, where precision and performance are paramount, there's another GOAT...
The Best Shared Storage For Video Production
Embarking on a cinematic journey or crafting a visually stunning video requires more than just creative genius; it demands a technological ally that can keep pace with your imagination. Yet, too often, video production teams find themselves using dated technology that slows them down and takes them out of the creative process.