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SNS Unveils ShareBrowser v.7, New Proxy Workflow at IBC 2023

Bring on the bitterballen and better workflows—IBC 2023 is here!

At this year’s show, SNS is launching exciting new on-premise, cloud, and remote workflow solutions to maximize your team’s creativity and collaboration.

Here’s what you can expect to see from SNS at IBC 2023.

  • Celebrating 25 years of shared storage innovation at SNS
Celebrating 25 Years of SNS Shared Storage Workflow Solutions

Cue the confetti! It’s time to celebrate an incredible 25-year journey of media workflow solutions brought to you by Studio Network Solutions.

In honor of our milestone 25th anniversary, we’re taking a nostalgic look back at our roots, how we got here, and where we’re headed.

  • Satellite in space above Earth
GPS In Cameras And Video Production Workflows

When you think of the Global Positioning System (GPS), you probably think of the navigation built into your car or cell phone. But, did you know that GPS powers important elements of your media production workflow?