Archiving, LTO/LTFS, and EVO Shared Storage

Archiving, LTO/LTFS, and EVO shared storage

SNS EVO offers unique benefits with LTO/LTFS archival systems and integrates with StorageDNA’s DNAevolution and Fabric API.

Archiving media with EVO

Using archive solutions with an EVO shared storage system and the included ShareBrowser asset management software, users can simplify their production storage deployments and enhance their workflow capabilities.

EVO and ShareBrowser integrate with StorageDNA’s DNAevolution and Fabric API.

StorageDNA archive solutions with EVO

StorageDNA tape archive solutions allow users to safely store their media, cold project files, and delivered work on LTO tape. When media needs to be offloaded from EVO shared storage, StorageDNA tape archive is an ideal solution.

Top reasons to use StorageDNA DNAevolution with EVO and ShareBrowser:

  • EVO volumes can be mounted in the StorageDNA User Interface for direct archive.
  • ShareBrowser integrates with the StorageDNA Fabric API for archive and restore from inside ShareBrowser.
  • ShareBrowser will store the records of files sent to StorageDNA for preview, search, and restoration.

Archive and restore from ShareBrowser MAM

With tighter integration implemented in ShareBrowser, it’s easy to archive to StorageDNA DNAevolution systems and restore archived media from directly within ShareBrowser media asset manager.

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ShareBrowser allows users to simply send files and folders to the DNAevolution archive or restore queue.

EVO volumes can be mounted in DNAevolution to interact with the StorageDNA Fabric API.

Search and preview archived media

StorageDNA’s implementation of LTFS browsing reveals what files have been archived, while ShareBrowser can show indexes and previews of offline files.

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Users can see that an archive file still exists and can easily request that it be restored directly from within ShareBrowser, saving valuable capacity of online shared storage.

DNAevolution is now available for purchase through SNS.

Let us help you design the perfect solution for your media storage lifecycle—from online to nearline to archive. Ask us for details today.