Archiving, LTO/LTFS, and EVO Shared Storage

Using archive solutions with an EVO shared storage system and the included ShareBrowser asset management software, users can simplify their production storage deployments and enhance their workflow capabilities.

With EVO and ShareBrowser’s improved support for offline files, the EVO shared storage server can generate path-based proxies for increased visibility of archived assets. With EVO and ShareBrowser, clients can now safely browse archived files on EVO shares without the risk of triggering an automatic restore from archive when it may not be desired.

SNS EVO Offers Unique Benefits With LTO/LTFS Archival

With tighter integration implemented in ShareBrowser (as of v.4.4.1), it’s easy to archive directly to StorageDNA DNAevolution systems. EVO volumes can be mounted directly in DNAevolution to interact with the StorageDNA API. New features in ShareBrowser allow users to simply send files directly to the DNAevolution archive queue.

Archiving Media with EVO

Top reasons to use StorageDNA DNAevolution with EVO and ShareBrowser.

  1. EVO volumes can be mounted directly in the StorageDNA User Interface for direct archive.
  2. ShareBrowser introduces integration with the StorageDNA DNAevolution API to archive directly to a tape archive.
  3. ShareBrowser supports path based proxies to view files that are no longer online.

StorageDNA tape archive solutions allow users to safely store their media, cold project files, and delivered work on LTO tape. When media needs to be offloaded from EVO shared storage, StorageDNA tape archive is an ideal solution. StorageDNA’s implementation of LTFS browsing reveals what files have been archived, while ShareBrowser can show indexes of offline files. That way, users can still see that the file exists and more easily request it be restored when needed, while saving valuable capacity of online shared storage.

DNAevolution is now available for purchase through SNS — ask your rep for details.

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Network Storage Solutions for Any Size Workgroup

EVO works with professional NLE applications like FCP X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

There’s an EVO for every team regardless of its size: the EVO Prodigy for smaller, more mobile teams, the EVO 8 Bay for workgroups up to ten users who need high-performance with lots of connectivity at an affordable price, and the EVO 16 Bay for the absolute highest performance, connectivity, and scalability. And by offering a selection of capacity and connectivity options, EVO is flexible enough to handle those extra requirements that make your environment unique.



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