Our customers range in size from small post-production teams to multinational media corporations.


Ryan Pratzel, Creative Liquid Productions


“With EVO, the time it takes us to log and image raw camera cards from the field has been cut dramatically. Also, editors can begin working on footage even as the logging process is completed. Speed and reliability in storage has definitely improved productivity. Our editors are no longer wasting time transferring media from edit suite to edit suite.”

Jon Rennie, Bait Studio

“We have 75 workstations and a 40 node render farm hanging off the backbone of our infrastructure.

Whether there are artists working or major renders happening, there can be 100 machines hammering our EVO systems, and these demands are met effortlessly.”

John Lundberg, Pixl Family


“While one person is laying down graphics on an offline machine in After Effects, someone can be coloring on our online station with Resolve, and still another can be editing offline, all sharing the same project file.

EVO was the perfect fit for us.”


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