Remote Video Editing and Multi-Site Workflow

Remote editing just got easier…

For the whole team.

A simplified, all-in-one solution for in-house and remote video editing workflows.

Post-production teams need a way to share media, collaborate, and keep important work secure—this is critical even when everyone is in the same room, but it’s much more of a challenge when work must be done across multiple physical locations.

Working together is easy.

It’s far too easy to take for granted how efficiently projects can be completed when people are physically together. Having everyone in person, in the same room, eliminates many barriers to creativity.

Working apart takes strategy.

When projects need to be coordinated among remote users, major obstacles are in the way. Working on big editing projects from home—or sharing huge media assets with remote teams and freelancers—means dealing with security, internet speed and reliability, organization, workflow issues, and communication challenges…

We can solve many of these problems for you.

No per-user pricing.

Apart, together.

Multi-site/hybrid workflow

Pure creativity occurs when tools disappear into the flow and “just work,” leaving editors to collaborate friction-free on fast computers and high-speed shared storage.

Under the best conditions, you never have to bother uploading/downloading huge files outside your own network. But when a global pandemic comes along, things get turned upside down, and you wonder which new remote workflow problem to try solving first.

If all you have to do remotely is answer email, you’re good. If you have to coordinate a team of editors working on a Premiere Pro project with a stack of 4K assets, and everyone has to work in different places, you have a decidedly bigger set of challenges to solve.

It doesn’t necessarily take a global crisis, though.

Large production companies often have work going on in different buildings, cities, or even countries. (Many of these companies already use our systems.) On the other end of the spectrum, innovative editors may do their best work using a home-based editing suite, only to hand it over for finishing by another specialist working from another home-based suite.

A complete solution for in-house and remote editors

Meet EVO.

Workflow storage for creative teams

Store, share, edit. Anywhere.

EVO is an easy-to-use video storage and media management server, built to make every post-production team more effective. We make EVO so that editors, colorists, and producers can live in harmony knowing their media and projects are easy to access, share, and find.

With EVO, all of your projects and media live together in one place, in a central location that everyone on your team (with authorization) can access. Once your media and other project materials are on your EVO server they’re available to everyone, ready to be edited and reviewed by any connected user.

Every EVO includes ShareBrowser and Nomad.
These two important applications are tightly integrated into your EVO server, helping in-house and remote users organize media and work together more efficiently.


ShareBrowser MAM

ShareBrowser is easy-to-use media asset management software, which can be used by your team to tag, organize, find, comment, and review video, image, and audio files.

Remote Workflow

SNS Nomad

Nomad is used to gather source or proxy media (automatically created by EVO’s transcoder), which prepares editors to work virtually anywhere.

In-house/remote shared media storage server

Automatic sync to Amazon S3, Azure, and Dropbox cloud storage

On-premise ultra-fast networked shared storage

Import once, instantly share video, eliminate redundant copies

Quickly access media remotely from your facility for offline editing

No per-seat software licensing

Unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser MAM and Nomad

24×7 tech support available

Supports Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, and more

In the office. At home. Anywhere.

An example of a multi-site remote workflow using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Remote Access

Need VPN? Use your own or the incredible SNS Cloud VPN built exclusively for EVO.

EVO Shared Media Servers, with Nomad

For remote video editing teams

See how EVO can improve your remote workflow.