home_greyIn many cases, work performed on a project takes place in multiple physical locations. Large production companies often have work going on in different buildings, cities or even countries. On the other end of the spectrum, innovative editors may do their best work using a home-based editing suite, only to ship it off for finishing by another specialist working from another home-based suite.

By leveraging the networking and security capabilities of the EVO shared storage system, storage in remote locations can be mounted and used as if it were local. Performance depends on the speed of the connecting network. This is a perfect solution for users that need to push or pull files to another location.

Key Solution Features

  • Cloud integration with included ShareBrowser media management software (Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, others)
  • Use Slingshot — built-in workflow automation task builder and API to move data to Amazon S3/Glacier, FTP, and other storage systems
  • Built-in FTP, SFTP, and FXP
  • Share storage over the internet

Key Solution Benefit

  • Collaborate more effectively between locations, even though separated by distance


See what users have to say about EVO

Microsoft’s Channel 9 Studio Using EVO and TriCaster

Microsoft's Channel 9 is a full-blown production studio with over 3 million unique viewers every month. They deliver upwards of 100 videos in a given week, and they use EVO so that all of their raw footage, Premiere projects, graphics, and finished shows are safe and available from any machine, at any of their edit stations.

Ignition Productions Uses EVO for On-Location Coverage with Red Bull TV

Ignition Productions was awarded the contract to cover the 2017 Dakar Rally for Red Bull TV—a daily behind-the-scenes show of the world's toughest Motorsport event. They had to shoot over 13 days of competition across three countries, in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, with temperatures ranging from 122°F to near freezing, sometimes in altitudes over 3500m, an extreme feat for even the most adventurous crews.

Texas Christian University Drafts EVO For A New Sports Video Team

After months of research and evaluating products, TCU decided on the EVO 16 Bay Shared Storage Server. “EVO and its ShareBrowser software allows us to log our footage and add metadata, and it’s all searchable,” says Salters. Each EVO system includes unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser, an intuitive asset management software that lets search, tag, index, and preview media across all of their storage — something that was vital for the TCU team.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Production Company Turns to EVO for High-Speed Post Workflow

Launched in 2004, Hammerhead’s initial purpose was to give Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver every year since 2003, more creative control over his personal brand. But just as Junior doesn’t just “race cars,” Hammerhead Entertainment doesn’t just “film endorsements.” The studio is creating branded content for a variety of clients — from the National Guard to Nickelodeon and PepsiCo to Penske.

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