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The Life Church Embraces Video, and EVO, to Share Its Message

November 5, 2015 by Eric Newbauer in User Stories

John and Leslie Siebeling have long held a passion for helping others, a commitment that led them to become missionaries and travel to Kenya. Working there for the Lighthouse Church, they experienced a new vision of what church could be. Bursting at the seams in a soccer stadium, and unbound by racial and cultural divisions, Lighthouse Church reached thousands of people with a fresh, dynamic approach.

A Young and Dynamic Church

John and Leslie vowed to bring that experience back to the U.S. With the backing of like-minded fellow pastors and college friends, they founded The Life Church in Memphis. 19 years later, Life Church has grown to more than 8,000 members on four campuses, in addition to an international location in Santiago, Chile.

Life Church’s vision is to serve people, develop leaders and impact generations in a dynamic and diverse environment that emphasizes community and bridging divisions. The Siebelings wanted a vibrant ministry that would speak to the needs of a new generation, and one of Life Church’s core values is creativity. Life Church has embraced that value by making video a primary channel for its message, and employing a full-time creative staff that collaborates through the EVO platform. more »

To Produce “Alaskan Bush People” for The Discovery Channel, Park Slope Productions Turns to EVO

August 31, 2015 by Eric Newbauer in User Stories

Park Slope Productions is an award-winning producer of original programming for the likes of OWN, TLC and MTV, and knows what it takes to create engaging television. The production house pores over hundreds of new programming ideas all the time. So when an associate producer came upon a family of nine living “off the grid” in the rugged Alaskan wilderness, the Park Slope team knew it had found something unique.

Now in its second season on The Discovery Channel, “Alaskan Bush People” averages more than four million viewers per episode. Recently, the show scored the highest ratings in all of Friday night prime time.

Aside from its interesting characters, location plays a huge role in “Alaskan Bush People.” Everything is shot in Alaska, making shooting and producing more complex and challenging than anything Park Slope had taken on before. But location is just the beginning of what makes the show unique. The length and very nature of shooting, as well as the scope and number of people editing the show, make it an excellent showcase for the capabilities of the EVO shared media server. more »

SNS EVO Boosts Production for one of Australia’s Premier Post Houses

April 27, 2015 by Eric Newbauer in User Stories

ZigZag Post Employs SNS EVO Shared Storage Server for Production of BBC and Foxtel Coast Australia

Built for Editors, by Editors is the tagline in the edit suites at Sydney based boutique post-production studio ZigZag Post. Prioritizing their editors takes precedence and it’s reflected in the exceptional quality of work they produce.

zigzag-1With projects like the widely popular Coast Australia, a spin-off from the popular BBC series Coast, ZigZag Post is proof that regardless of company size or budget, great artistry will emerge.

Choosing the right solution to both enhance their Avid based workflow and fit their budget was a task not taken lightly by ZigZag Post. The decision paid off as SNS EVO expanded their production capabilities allowing editors to focus on their creativity.

The Challenge

“We desperately needed a good shared storage solution,” said Rob Sarroff, Director, ZigZag Post. The hybrid shared storage solution we were using allowed us to project share within the Avid workflow, but like other non-Avid storage solutions there were too many compromises — extra tech support and unhappy editors. With Avid’s storage being a big financial outlay, we discovered EVO and took a big chance bringing it on board. EVO worked perfectly right out of the box. I was surprised how well it integrated into our process, particularly with Avid Media Composer. If you didn’t know any better you would think you were working on Avid’s native storage.” more »

SNS EVO Redefines Award-Winning Gorilla’s Production Workflow

October 16, 2014 by Eric Newbauer in User Stories

Michigan based, Gorilla, a commercial and entertainment based Production Company, has many stories to tell. Starting as a two-man venture in a basement, Gorilla set out on a journey to find success in the industry. Ten years later, the company is now a thriving community of over 30+ artists in a collective space, collaborating on the production of award-winning commercials, documentaries, music videos and animations. Now with the inception of an LA division, GRLA, they will be seeking to expand their theatrical and narrative reel.

GORILLA Showreel – Ode to the World’s Stories from GORILLA on Vimeo.

As Gorilla continues to grow, so have their workflow demands. Thanks to SNS EVO, there’s a solution that fits perfectly into their unique and synergistic style.

Leasing a large space, Gorilla subleases offices and/or workstations out to various freelance artists. This allows them to pool their resources on projects and tap into the many different artists’ talents and interests. It’s an ideal format for fueling creativity, but has proven to have workflow efficiency challenges — a system that provides little safety and security for media assets and time consuming methods of sharing and transferring files. more »

Met Film Post Brings on SNS EVO as Central Hub for Production Workflow

September 10, 2014 by Editor in User Stories

Studio Network Solutions’ (SNS) EVO Shared Storage Server Supplies Collaborative and Cost-Efficient Workflow Solution for UK’s Award-Winning Met Film

Based at Ealing Studios in London, the oldest continuously working film studio in the world, Met Film Post is one-third of one of the UK’s most remarkable film organizations, Met Film. Met Film combines three leading-edge companies, Met Film School, Met Film Production and Met Film Post. By providing hands-on professional experience for students, award-winning productions and front line post-production technology services, the vanguard organization creates a unique and a symbiotic working setting for aspiring filmmakers and established experts.

metfilmWhen Met Film Post needed to make a significant change in their post-production workflow, they turned to SNS EVO to provide a more accessible, collaborative and cost-efficient shared storage solution.

“We were looking for a system to replace our Xsan that would allow us to do shared collaborative Avid offline services,” stated Matthew Troughton, Senior Colorist and Online Editor at Met Film Post. “Bringing the EVO on-board allowed us to fully provide Avid offline and online services. Prior to EVO, our editors were not able to work collaboratively on projects in such a developed way. EVO gave us the flexibility we needed and immediately increased our productivity.”

more »

FOX Sports Mobile Broadcast Unit Enlists SNS EVO for NFL and NASCAR Daytona 500 Live Broadcasts

April 1, 2014 by Editor in User Stories

With a presence at virtually every major televised sporting event in America, FOX Sports and Game Creek Video have the hardest working teams in broadcasting. A cast and crew of hundreds come together to turn out the programming millions of viewers see every week including NASCAR, NFL Football, UFC, FIFA World Cup and MLB. With the successful debut of FOX Sports 1, a 24-hour sports network, the number of live broadcasts has vastly increased. To accommodate the growth, FOX Sports needed to boost its production capabilities.

Keith Martin, Production Manager, FOX Sports Mobile Unit/Game Creek VideoSo it turned to Studio Network Solutions (SNS).

Longtime FOX Sports partner Game Creek Video, a New Hampshire based high- definition mobile production company, has five branded FX HD trucks providing all the remote production for FOX Sports’ live sporting events.

The five FOX Sports trucks are 53′ expanding-side high-definition production units and are collectively equipped with audio, video, replay, transmission, production, graphics, tape release/sub-switchers, two Final Cut edit rooms, producer work areas, maintenance, storage, and an HD viewing room. Additionally, each truck comes staffed with a production manager and at least one engineer.

“Having SNS EVO in place has been a huge advantage,” stated Keith Martin, Engineer, FX HD, Game Creek Video. “Because everything is happening live we are constantly in a time crunch for a quick turnaround of material. Utilizing the 10GbE ports on the EVO, we can get the whole EVS network in sync as fast as possible and easily share files back and forth between the editors and the replay rooms.”

more »

St Louis Rams Emmy Award Winning Broadcasting Network Scores with EVO

November 27, 2013 by Eric Newbauer in User Stories

With its recent five Emmy Award wins and a record-setting 46 Telly Awards under its belt, the Rams Broadcasting Network (RBN) has a lot on its roster for the season. The production team at RBN, built in 2010, produces this award-winning content for the St Louis Rams Football team, including three television shows, web content for and all the in-game entertainment.


When RBN needed a faster, more efficient workflow to better manage their growing production needs, they looked no further than their own backyard to St. Louis based Studio Network Solutions (SNS) and SNS EVO Shared Storage Server.

Throughout the 20-week season, an enormous amount of footage is shot including each and every Rams game. Much of that footage is used for the production of RBN’s in-house television shows including the critically acclaimed Rams 360. The weekly documentary-style show recently won three Emmy awards including Best Show in Sports, Audio-Live or Post Production, Editor-Sports.

“EVO has been essential to increasing our productivity,” Stated Chris Slepokura, Video Manager. “Rams 360 has a very intensive workflow and we are a small team, seven people. We are often working on separate features of each show at the same time. EVO fit our budget and gave us the extra storage space to ingest and pull from so our team can easily access our media assets simultaneously.”

more »

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) EVO Knows What it Means to Be Specialized

September 13, 2013 by Eric Newbauer in User Stories

Specialized Bicycle Components Enlists EVO Shared Storage Server to Enable Collaborative Workflow

All Roads Lead to Awesome, the tagline for the Specialized Road bike collection, could easily be referring to the video content produced for its website. Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is the global leader in designing and manufacturing high performing bicycles, cycling components and apparel. Click on any page of Specialized’s website,, and you’ll find loads of information, stories, resources and rich media content brilliantly representing the Specialized brand which signifies both advanced technology as well as a strong and growing community made up of world-class cycling champions and enthusiasts.

specialized-bicycle-logo-smallAmazingly, a small team of in-house production professionals produces all of this content, which consists of upward of 200 videos per year and loads of images. Their biggest challenge is how to manage and store all of these growing assets. When they needed a solution to better streamline their production workflow, Specialized turned to SNS EVO shared storage server.

“Though we produce an enormous amount of high-quality content, it’s not a traditional production house,” stated Aaron Vogel, Video Specialist, Specialized. “I started as a one man band under our Web department working off direct connect hard drives to a Mac tower. It was fine when it was only myself but as we’ve expanded our production team, the need for sharing capabilities has become much more necessary.”

Specialized workflow had one major business problem, organization. The workflow consisted of three Mac workstations running entirely Apple FCPX and direct-connect storage. To solve the organizational problem they brought in CatDV for media asset management. Then they needed an additional SAN solution to share and organize assets outside of CatDV. But it quickly became apparent that the SAN solution they chose created a new problem, incompatibility. The SAN system would not work with Apple OS X shortcut files that FCPX used to reference media.

more »

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