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NHL Drafts EVO Cloud For An All-Star Workflow

Hockey moves fast. Players speeding across the ice, pucks flying 100 mph… And it’s not just the players that have to keep up.

Behind the scenes, the NHL’s production team must travel, to shoot, upload, backup, transcode, edit, and deliver quality productions at blazing fast speeds.

Whether NHL Studios is creating a sizzle reel, sponsored commercial, or jumbotron video content, it can be a challenge to keep up the pace of production with a workflow that doesn’t keep up with creative demands.

Taishon Black, Senior Director of Broadcast Technology, had to look for a new workflow, and he found an all-star solution with SNS EVO Cloud.

Most Valuable Cloud

“We needed technology for people on the move,” said Taishon. “EVO Cloud technology stood out amongst all others to get material to our end users quickly and across multiple locations.”

EVO Cloud packs a punch with robust features to help remote video editing teams search, find, preview, transcode, edit, download, relink, share, backup, and do almost anything they want with their media. It comes with secure remote access, built-in media asset management (MAM), and remote editing tools for unlimited users so production teams can customize their workflow for their unique needs. And they never have to worry about software license fees.

For example, the NHL capitalizes on EVO’s ability to act as an edge device for the cloud.

Slingshot, EVO’s built-in transcoder, creates proxy media for their footage for remote production, which is automatically replicated to EVO Cloud for their editors to access anywhere across the continent. “We typically shoot in 1080p, which transcodes down to 720 and gets pushed to EVO Cloud,” explained Taishon of their workflow from camera to cloud.

ShareBrowser media asset manager showing NHL video production

Then with ShareBrowser, EVO’s included media asset manager, video editors can search for the files they need, preview their clips, and bring those proxies down to their local machine. Editing locally helps the NHL manage connectivity challenges as they travel to different arenas, or brave the elements at the Winter Classic.

“The whole EVO workflow is very efficient and straightforward,” said Taishon. “I spent maybe 15 minutes showing the editing team how to use it, and that was it.”

EVO Cloud Is An All-Star Winner

Tentpole events like the Winter Classic, All-Star Game, and Stanley Cup take the NHL’s speed of production to the next level. That’s where EVO Cloud has the most impact on their workflow.

Collaborators in the arena, at the hotel, and back at HQ can securely connect to EVO Cloud, browse and preview all of the proxy media, add metadata tags and comments about what the footage is, and create their content in Adobe® Premiere® Pro, an NLE the editors prefer using. It’s a seamless cloud solution that lets creative teams edit from anywhere.

“One of the things that’s great about EVO is that all that metadata—the timecode, the name of the clip, everything—goes over to the cloud,” said Taishon. “You’re able to take notes and share that with the editor without it getting lost or stripping the timecode. That’s a very important feature.”

Wherever their travels take them next—like the Stanley Cup, Awards, and Draft—EVO Cloud will help the NHL production team to keep up their pace of editing in the cloud for years to come.

The National Hockey League and several NHL teams trust EVO’s on-premise, cloud, and edge solutions for their sports broadcast and post-production workflow. Get a demo of the best cloud storage solution for post-production teams at

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