Introducing New Cloud, Edge, Transcode, and NDI Solutions at NAB 2023

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It’s time to head back to Las Vegas, and this year, we’re going ALL IN. 

SNS is launching an incredible lineup of new technology solutions at NAB Show 2023. From brand-new cloud and edge device solutions to novel workflow tools that will boost productivity for the whole team, here’s what you’ll see from SNS at NAB 2023.

  • EVO Cloud is now available as a month-to-month cloud storage solution for media professionals—with no egress fees and unlimited EVO Suite users.
  • MOD powered by EVO makes its debut as a compact, high-performance video editing server optimized as an edge device for cloud production workflows. 
  • Transcode Accelerator is a brand-new feature that speeds up transcoding processes across multi-EVO environments.
  • NDI Plug-in updates bring enhanced functionality to broadcast teams collaborating with the SNS NRS solutions.

Come by the SNS booth (#N2108) at NAB Show 2023 for a live demo, or schedule a personalized workflow conversation anytime at

EVO Cloud private storage in sky of clouds

EVO Cloud

Introducing EVO Cloud: the all-inclusive, private cloud storage and workflow solution for media production teams. With unlimited access to the award-winning EVO Suite of software tools and no ingress or egress fees, EVO Cloud is the first-of-its-kind cloud solution for video teams.

EVO Cloud is so much more than a remote cloud storage bucket. It comes with the reigning Cloud Computing & Storage and Remote Production NAB Product of the Year winner: the EVO Suite. That means ShareBrowser media asset manager, Slingshot transcode and automation engine, and Nomad remote editing tools all come included for a secure, unified, feature-rich solution for the whole team. Unlimited users can search, tag, comment, preview, and organize media; access automatically-generated proxy files for offline editing from anywhere; and seamlessly sync and backup media to other cloud and on-prem storage locations for a complete remote workflow. 

But that’s not all—EVO Cloud also comes with secure remote access for unlimited users with SNS Cloud VPN included, plus VPN Accelerator to speed up your entire remote workflow (not just data transfers!). It also comes with setup, training, support, and enhanced security features—all included for a flat and predictable monthly price without the pain and hidden costs.

Read more about EVO Cloud for professional media production.

MOD powered by EVO server for media production

MOD Powered By EVO

Give your team the edge they need with MOD powered by EVO: the smallest, most portable workflow server from Studio Network Solutions.

MOD is a brand-new EVO concept built to revolutionize the way media production teams work from home and on the road. It includes high-performance, all-SSD hardware and the entire EVO Suite for unlimited users to enhance creative collaboration across distance. 

This combination of powerful hardware and software tools makes MOD the perfect edge device for content creators on the move. Edge devices are often used to support camera-to-cloud workflows, managing the data processing tasks required to push and pull media to and from the cloud. With the EVO Suite included, MOD can be configured to handle these workload-intensive tasks, leaving your remote workers free to focus on their creative work.

For example, remote video editors can offload all of their transcoding, syncing, and backup tasks to MOD as a high-performance edge device, saving time in their workflow and significantly improving your team’s cloud productivity.

Plus, with its innovative, modular design, MOD is easy to integrate into any workflow. It works with any NLE, various cloud storage services, and can be connected to unlimited EVO Cloud and EVO on-premise shared storage solutions to deliver the speed your remote editors need locally and an effortless way to collaborate remotely. 

All of this in a sleek, travel-friendly server that fits in a backpack. 

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Transcode Accelerator

Let’s talk about transcoding, one of the most popular features included with EVO.

Last year, SNS announced new transcoding features for Blackmagic RAW (.braw), R3D Raw (.r3d), and Arriraw (.mxf) codecs; Apple-certified ProRes transcoding; the ability to include a custom watermark image and burnt-in timecode on proxy files; and faster transcoding speeds across the entire EVO product line. 

Less than a year later, those transcode speeds are getting faster, again. 

Transcode Accelerator is a brand-new EVO plug-in that can turn your multi-EVO environment into a high-performance transcode group. It speeds up transcoding jobs by spreading the workload across your EVO systems, borrowing processing power as needed. 

In other words, if your team is doing some intense editing on one EVO server, while also running a transcode job with Slingshot, the Transcode Accelerator plug-in can share that workload across the other EVO servers in your ecosystem and speed up the whole process significantly.

NewTek Remote Storage (NRS) NDI® plug-in update

NDI Updates

With the latest release of SNS’s NDI plug-in, users can now preview, start, and stop multiple recordings to the same or different locations on the shared storage server. And you can start and stop recording independent of your colleagues, directly inside the NDI plug-in interface. 

Once the footage is on the server, users can access ShareBrowser, Slingshot, and Nomad to streamline their broadcast and post-production workflow. You can even send clips, lower thirds, and other assets to TriCaster DDR directly from ShareBrowser media asset manager.

NDI-enabled workflows powered by SNS support up to 26 direct-connect NDI sources (or infinitely more using your IP infrastructure), growing file workflows, 4K NDI, transcoding SpeedHQ files, and advanced configurations with Discovery Servers and Broadcast Groups. 

If your broadcast team is using NewTek TriCaster, Spark, PTZ cameras, the NDI app for Android and iPhone, or any other NDI technology to capture media, come see the latest tools from the expert NDI developers at SNS. This NDI plug-in is currently available for NewTek Remote Storage systems.

NAB Show celebrating 100 years of innovation April 15-19, 2003 in Las Vegas, NV

Get A Demo At NAB Show 2023

These new cloud, edge, transcode, and NDI tools aren’t all you’ll see from SNS at NAB 2023. Get a demo of the reigning Cloud Computing & Storage and Remote Production NAB Product of the Year and check out the latest workflow tools from SNS, including VPN Accelerator and the new Nomad experience.

Here’s where to find SNS solutions at NAB Show 2023.

  • SNS (N2108) is ready to answer all of your workflow questions in the North Hall. 
  • NewTek (W2821) is running demos of the updated NDI plug-in for NewTek Remote Storage powered by SNS in the West Hall.
  • The Studio at B&H (C8017/C8317) is using EVO to store, transcode, organize, and preview footage in their camera shootout in the Central Hall.
  • Ross Video (N2201) is showcasing fully integrated workflows with the EVO Signature Series.

For more information about the latest products and workflow solutions from SNS, schedule an appointment with SNS at NAB Show 2023 or book an online demo anytime at