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Shared NAS/SAN Workflow with Adobe and EVO


Network Storage for Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe-creative-cloud-logo-smallChoosing the best shared storage for video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro requires some consideration about how your team wants to get organized and collaborate. Adobe Premiere and the Creative Cloud suite have great interaction between the apps themselves with Dynamic Linking features, but Adobe Premiere editors can further their collaboration in a network by sharing media files and project files for video, graphics, audio, and more.

With Adobe CC and an EVO storage server, the entire creative team can collaborate, not just the video department. That means last minute changes can be executed by the animation artist and integrated into the timeline by the editor quickly and easily.

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Adobe Premiere Storage Network Workflow

The EVO workgroup media server offers Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects users a collaborative workspace for media and projects.


EVO Shared Storage Advantages for Adobe CC Teams


Purpose built storage

EVO is a purpose-built networked storage server for professional media teams. Unlike generic SAN or NAS systems, EVO has unique features that create new possibilities for collaboration within multi-user Adobe Creative Cloud workgroups.

EVO Shared Storage systems offer Adobe Premiere editors a collaborative workspace for their media production and design work. EVO increases efficiency in your workflow by storing critical media and project files in a centrally accessible system.

Focus on editing

By enabling real-time editing directly over the storage network, EVO eliminates the need for standalone RAIDs or individual drives for multiple workstations. This, in turn, eliminates the need to store and manage duplicate files: With the proper setup editors can just focus on editing, without storage issues getting in the way.

Project locking (with or without Team Projects)

An Adobe Premiere project file is not inherently network aware (unless you’re using Adobe’s Team Projects feature, which EVO is also compatible with!). This means two editors could inadvertently open the same project from generic network storage and one editor can unknowingly overwrite the other editor’s work.

This is not a problem with EVO, because it has an intuitive project locking feature built in: With EVO and the included ShareBrowser software, users can automatically lock their Premiere project files, while still allowing other editors to safely open the same file in a read-only mode. This eliminates the risk of overwriting the source, and gives editors peace of mind that their work won’t be accidentally overwritten by someone else. When projects are on an EVO shared workspace, the projects can dynamically move between users, eliminating disparate versions stored locally across multiple client computers.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe’s Premiere Pro NLE has become one of the most popular applications for professional editors working on feature films, documentaries, reality TV, and more. Premiere’s flexibility and support for a wide variety of codecs make it a powerful and easy to use NLE. Another reason Premiere Pro has become so widely adopted is its deep integration with the rest of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications — After Effects in particular.

The EVO network storage server enhances the Creative Cloud suite by providing a complete workflow environment including high-performance shared storage, asset management, project locking, and other tools that increase efficiency for a media production group of any size.

Walter Biscardi discusses how he uses EVO.

Learn how Premiere Pro CC and EVO are a match made in shared storage heaven.


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Shared media

The greatest increase in workflow efficiency comes from enabling everyone to access the same media files at the same time. EVO is designed to handle cutting edge workflows with HD, 4K, 6K, and even 8K video formats, all while allowing editors to access their projects and media concurrently, without slow-downs.

Enhanced data protection

Centralized RAID protection, UPS monitoring, and custom network notifications protect your data from things like disk failure and file overwrites, and a unique shared Recycle Bin even protects against accidental file and folder deletion! Editors can rest assured that all of their critical media is safe and readily accessible.

Get organized with ShareBrowser

Every EVO includes ShareBrowser, an editor-friendly asset management application built to complement EVO and make it easier for multiple users to work together as a production team within the shared storage environment.

With ShareBrowser, users can view proxies, verify data transfers, tag files, comment on, and search for assets across all EVO storage as well as local, offline, cloud-based, and other network disks.

High speed sharing, no switch required

EVO’s NLE-optimized networking and storage functions provide industry-leading performance for shared media with Premiere Pro. Teams of editors can concurrently handle multiple streams of ProRes-based media, 4K, and other codecs via standard 1GbE and/or 10GbE network connections, and in most cases editors can connect their workstations directly to EVO, with no additional switch requirements.


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Adobe Premiere Storage Network Workflow


Network Storage Solutions for Any Size Adobe Workgroup

EVO works with professional NLE applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP X, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve. There’s an EVO for every team regardless of its size.

Choose your EVO

16 Bay

EVO 16 Bay

High performance scalable storage for medium to large workgroups

The 16 bay EVO accommodates up to 80 drives per managed system, 28 GbE ports, 12 Fibre Channel ports, and multiple 10GbE ports.

8 Bay

EVO 8 Bay

High performance shared storage for small to medium workgroups

The 8 bay EVO accommodates up to 24 drives per managed system, up to 4 Fibre Channel ports, and multiple 10GbE ports.

Prodigy Desktop


Something big… figuratively speaking

EVO Prodigy Desktop is small, quiet, desktop storage with 4 x enterprise drives, for compressed workflows, mobile/field use, and studios without rack space.


Adobe Premiere Pro/CC Workflows on EVO

EVO and ShareBrowser provide unique features that empower Adobe Premiere workgroups to be more collaborative. EVO gives you the choice to work the way you want to work, so you’ll have the flexibility to take on any project. Here are some recommended ways to use EVO within your Adobe workgroup:

Media Share + Project Sharing

Unique to EVO and ShareBrowser, Adobe Premiere editors can automatically protect their project files stored directly on EVO. Editors can securely access their projects without the risk of other editors overwriting the protected work.

By using the included ShareBrowser software, users can easily see and keep track of who is working on any given Premiere or After Effects project and protect the projects from unintended access by other users. Without protection like this, simultaneous access to another user’s project could lead to corruption of that file. Other users can safely access each other’s active projects in a read-only state to create derivative versions and preview sections before importing elements into other projects.

Adobe-Premiere-Workflow-Media Share-Project-Share-NAS

Media Share

The most important files to share are the media files used to craft your final product. In some environments, users might want to share access only to these source media files, while preferring to keep Premiere projects local and/or private. EVO’s high-performance NAS shares are powerful enough to allow multiple editors to access the same media files concurrently.


Easy Asset Management

EVO ShareBrowser Server and Client enable users to easily add tags and comments to the shared media files.

Through ShareBrowser’s Finder/Explorer-like interface, users can easily add this information at a high level. The user-entered Keywords, Tags, and Comments can then be exported as XML, which can in turn be imported into Premiere, associating the tags and comments with the clips inside of Premiere. This enhancement can save time and reduce the risk of bloated project sizes used for sorting relevant media.



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