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EVO Gets Standing Ovation For Live Event Production

From desert festivals like Coachella to concerts that sell out the biggest arenas in the world, working in live event production can really take you places.

But livestreaming is not for the faint of heart. 

There are a ton of hoops to jump through to capture a live event, and exactly one opportunity to make it happen.

live concert on stage with lights

99 Problems

Cameras can be right there on stage where all the action is happening, or zoomed way in from stadium seats 100 yards away. And it’s more than just people you’re capturing from these crazy angles—it’s the whole experience: the lasers, foggers, pyrotechnics, LED curtains, and performers flying around, too. All of this makes for an incredible fan experience, but can be a challenge to record and stream to audiences tuning in from outside of the venue.

Whether you’re video streaming in 720p, 1080p, or 4k, it’s easy to rack up many terabytes worth of media over the course of a festival, tour, or even a single concert. For some, saving footage across multiple drives may seem like the only viable solution. But managing so many individual drives can lead to an event producer’s worst nightmare: losing that once-in-a-lifetime media. 

So, how do you securely store the footage you worked so hard to capture?

videographer recording live concert event

Lean On Me

Live event production crews need a reliable shared storage solution—one that safeguards the footage that’s been captured and expedites turnaround time for deliverables. 

That’s where EVO comes in. SNS EVO is a high-performance shared storage server purpose-built for media production teams. Its reliability is second to none.

As one customer said: “You always remember when you lose media. It’s the worst feeling. Since EVO, I have not had to tell a customer that I don’t know where their media is. Not once. That’s a big deal.”

EVO comes in multiple form factors ideal for live event production, like the short-depth (18″) EVO 8 Bay Live, DIT-friendly EVO Prodigy Desktop, and vesa-mountable MOD powered by EVO. Learn more at

In addition to its fast, secure, and scalable media storage, every EVO comes with the multi-award-winning EVO Suite—an intelligent collection of software tools to help creative teams manage their media, automate their workflow, and create amazing content, faster, wherever your live production career takes you.

desktop monitor streaming live concert video content for editing

Whoomp! (There It Is)

Capturing and securing media in live production is only half of the battle. There’s a whole post-production workflow that follows, and not being able to find the right clips quickly and easily can be a major workflow bottleneck. 

Thanks to EVO’s powerful and easy-to-use media asset management (MAM) system, ShareBrowser, editors can find, preview, share, and collaborate on media and projects, faster. Valuable custom metadata like artist, song, date, time, location, and shot angles can be attached to media files in ShareBrowser, making it easy for editors to find specific shots to use in post-production. 

“We used to manually write down timecodes to reference later on in the editing process,” said one of our live event customers. “ShareBrowser saves us hours. We can create timecode-based comments with a simple click, and we’re able to identify and access our media within seconds.”

So, let’s say you want to find the crowd going wild when the band played its big anthem, or when a fan was invited on stage, or a comment your producer said they want in the opening of your video. ShareBrowser makes it easy to find the exact media you need. It’s the ultimate media asset management solution for post-production workflows.

outdoor live concert venue with large crowd

I Like To Move It

In addition to ShareBrowser, EVO includes Slingshot and Nomad—two software products that make life easier for event producers that live for the fan experience. 

Routinely called “a life-saver,” Nomad, EVO’s built-in remote editing tool, helps creative teams take their media and projects on the go wherever they are—at home, traveling between venues, on location, anywhere. With easy access to lightweight proxies, Nomad is an effective solution for remote and offline editorial.

And live event teams love Slingshot, EVO’s built-in transcoder and automation engine, because it helps them do more in less time. Many say: “It’s like having an extra person on the team.”

With Slingshot, your EVO server can transcode, transfer, backup, and sync media automatically—all of which once required editors to do manually. Now, editors can turn around day-of-show edits faster, without the burden of manual file movements and cloud backups weighing them down.

All of these tools—ShareBrowser, Nomad, and Slingshot—are part of the EVO Suite, an award-winning software toolset that comes included with every EVO solution.

musician performing live on stage at concert in front of audience

Never Gonna Give You Up

We’ve received many kudos from happy customers about how EVO has improved their live production workflow. Here’s an example from an event producer that trusts EVO for all their concerts, festivals, and live production needs:

“Broadcast is no joke. Your successes and failures are public with thousands—potentially millions—of people watching in real time. We needed a reliable solution that could keep up, and EVO was that solution. 

Our whole workflow has become six or seven times more efficient. The automatic transcoding is like I have an extra set of hands. And managing media in ShareBrowser is so intuitive that volunteers and freelancers always catch on quickly. The whole workflow just works. 

With EVO, I always know where my media is. It saves us time in turning around deliverables, and it saves us business in terms of reputation. I only wish I had made the switch sooner.”

Learn more about how EVO helps broadcasters and live video production teams produce engaging, entertainment-packed content fans crave, faster, from anywhere.