Integrated network connectivity and convenience with XenData Archive systems

Using XenData archive solutions with an EVO shared storage system and the included ShareBrowser asset management software, users can simplify their production storage deployments and enhance their workflow capabilities. With EVO and ShareBrowser’s improved support for offline files, the EVO shared storage server can generate path-based proxies for increased visibility of archived assets.

SNS EVO and XenData Offer Unique Benefits With LTO Archival


With EVO and ShareBrowser, clients can now safely browse archived stub files on EVO shares without the risk of triggering an automatic restore from archive when it may not be desired.

With all of EVO’s network connectivity options, XenData SX-10 and SX-520 systems can be easily connected. SX-10 users can aggregate GbE ports to increase bandwidth through EVO. SX-520 users can add 10GbE connectivity to communicate with EVO at even faster speeds. EVO’s new “Virtual Switch” mode makes it even easier for smaller workgroups to integrate XenData’s NAS functions by passing through TCP/IP traffic from other direct connected clients.

Archiving Media with EVO

Top reasons to use XenData with EVO and ShareBrowser.

  1. XenData SX-10 and SX-520 Appliances can be direct clients of EVO using multiple 1GbE ports, or adding 10GbE to the SX-520.
  2. EVO’s integrated Virtual Switch allows direct connect workgroups to pass TCP/IP communication between clients and XenData Archive, through EVO.
  3. ShareBrowser supports path based proxies to view files that are no longer online.

XenData tape archive solutions allow users to safely store their media on LTO tape. When media needs to be offloaded from EVO shared storage, XenData tape archive is an ideal solution. XenData’s implementation of stub files leaves a placeholder file behind when a file has been archived. That way, users can still see that the file exists and more easily request it be restored when needed, while saving valuable capacity of online shared storage.


Network Storage Solutions for Any Size Workgroup

EVO works with professional NLE applications like FCP X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

There’s an EVO for every team regardless of its size: the EVO Prodigy for smaller, more mobile teams, the EVO 8 Bay for workgroups up to ten users who need high-performance with lots of connectivity at an affordable price, and the EVO 16 Bay for the absolute highest performance, connectivity, and scalability. And by offering a selection of capacity and connectivity options, EVO is flexible enough to handle those extra requirements that make your environment unique.



See what users have to say about EVO

Texas Christian University Drafts EVO For A New Sports Video Team

After months of research and evaluating products, TCU decided on the EVO 16 Bay Shared Storage Server. “EVO and its ShareBrowser software allows us to log our footage and add metadata, and it’s all searchable,” says Salters. Each EVO system includes unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser, an intuitive asset management software that lets search, tag, index, and preview media across all of their storage — something that was vital for the TCU team.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Production Company Turns to EVO for High-Speed Post Workflow

Launched in 2004, Hammerhead’s initial purpose was to give Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver every year since 2003, more creative control over his personal brand. But just as Junior doesn’t just “race cars,” Hammerhead Entertainment doesn’t just “film endorsements.” The studio is creating branded content for a variety of clients — from the National Guard to Nickelodeon and PepsiCo to Penske.

EVO Empowers Creative Ministry at Church by the Glades

Church by the Glades (CBG) welcomes upwards of 9,000 people to their weekend worship gatherings. Combined with their live, online experiences and television broadcast initiatives, CBG has an enormous reach to an extraordinarily diverse audience. "It's an investment. The amount of margin EVO created for us and the way it's made us efficient is just unreal."

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