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Studio Network Solutions is the leader in shared storage solutions for Pro Tools.

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From day one, our focus has been consistent: SNS solutions will allow you to get the most out of your investment in Pro Tools and other professional audio workstations.

We’ve designed and installed some of the largest Pro Tools storage systems in the world, so we know very well the unique demands that audio projects can place on storage. For example, multi-track recording and editing demands more than just bandwidth from on-line, shared storage systems.

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The performance of the system depends upon how quickly the storage can write, find, and retrieve many pieces of information simultaneously. The track data for every mix, fade, and edit must be delivered to the audio workstation with precise timing. Plus, writing tracks to disk must be flawless because you don’t always get a second try at the perfect take.

Many factors influence the performance needed for an audio workflow, such as track-count, bit-rate, and sample size. Often times, less obvious influences such as the use of timecode or reference video, effect the overall capabilities of a given workstation. These must be taken into consideration when designing shared storage for audio.

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SNS solutions for audio provide RAID protection to reduce the risk of lost sessions, and lost studio time due to failed hard drives. For the most comprehensive protection, Q:COMPLETE support plans and extended warranty options provide extra security when it matters most.

Pro Tools workflow with EVO

Key solution features
  • Compatibility with Pro Tools and other audio workstations for Mac and Windows
  • Designed for audio workflows including audio for video, livestreaming, mixing, and more
  • Available in SSD and HDD configurations with options for 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE connectivity
Key solution benefits
  • Use projects and files where you want, when you want, without pulling to a local drive
  • Work with a support staff that understands your audio application, not just the storage
  • Save time and improve collaboration on your audio production and post-production projects

Powered by EVO

Central Post LA

Central Post LA features four control rooms, three recording spaces and three edit suites running popular NLEs, including Avid Pro Tools.

EVO brings everything together to help them securely store and share media for a variety of TV and Netflix deliverables.

Shared storage for all of your Pro Tools users

EVO—the complete, networked storage solution for media workgroups—supports high-density sessions for multiple users.

EVO combines a high-performance, Pro Tools-tuned storage array with the most extensive connectivity options available in a single product. Your audio engineers will love it!

EVO shared storage benefits

Pro Tools file sharing via NAS promotes a more productive workflow.

  • Record, play, and edit Pro Tools projects directly on EVO shared storage—no push/pull required
  • Convenient file management—all audio files in one location
  • Shared storage for VI and SFX libraries
  • Technical support from SNS engineers who know what it’s like to be in the user’s seat
  • Mac and Windows

EVO is more than shared storage

Store, organize, and secure everything you need to get the job done.

Focus on your album, podcast, and audio for video projects—not storage management.

Anti-delete protection

Protect your assets with a Network Recycle Bin. Recover deleted files, or simply restrict the ability to delete files with configurable permissions.

Broadcast and post-production

Enhance your broadcast, livestream, and post-production workflow with a network server purpose-built for creative media.

Automate your backups

Run scheduled or on-demand jobs to backup files and projects to another network server, USB device, or cloud services like Amazon S3 and Azure.

Pro Tools makes tough demands on multi-user storage

Multi-track recording and editing demands much more than just raw bandwidth from real-time, shared storage systems.

The performance depends on very low latency—how quickly the storage can write, find, and retrieve hundreds of pieces of scattered information simultaneously. The track data for every mix, fade, and edit must be delivered to each workstation with precise timing.

Writing to the disks must be flawless, because you don’t get a second shot at the perfect take.

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The EVO shared storage system comes pre-configured with highly optimized tunings created specifically for multi-user Pro Tools environments. This translates into incredible performance.
We spend thousands of hours testing our products with Pro Tools, and we understand that many factors influence the performance needed for an audio workflow.

This includes track count, bit rate, sample size, and edit density. Oftentimes, less obvious influences—such as the use of timecode or reference video—also affect the overall capabilities of a system.

Even your record mode in Pro Tools like Destructive Punch or Quick Punch can impact the workload and performance of your system. All of these factors and more are taken into consideration when we design shared storage systems for Pro Tools professionals.

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