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Looking for shared storage SAN/NAS RAID systems for computer-based forensics labs and investigation?

When you’re doing computer-based forensics investigation, it’s essential to have access to a multi-terabyte storage system that provides very high throughput and is able to handle multiple parallel access. Forensics applications can be highly multithreaded and require a lot of capacity, so advanced storage is not a luxury… it’s a necessity.

SNS storage solutions were created for the most intensive multi-user media storage requirements. Most customers use the systems 24/7 for creating, online editing, manipulating, and sharing huge amounts of media and other data.

More and more forensics labs are seeking out SNS storage servers as a result of the similar nature of forensic data/IT storage requirements to those of professional video editors, namely: extremely high throughput, massive capacity, and shared real-time access to the storage system by multiple concurrent users.

Reliability of the system and its contents is an extremely high priority. Capacity and scalability are important considerations, and the ability to grow the digital storage system with minimal reconfiguration is a must.

To meet these needs, forensics companies and departments rely on SNS shared storage SAN/NAS RAID systems for computer-based forensics labs and investigation. Our storage approach provides what your forensics lab needs in order to complete projects quickly and reliably.

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