iSCSI & Fibre Channel Connectivity

iSCSI & Fibre Channel Connectivity

home_greyDifferent forms of connectivity provide different benefits to SAN users.

iSCSI is a standards-based protocol for running a storage area network using standard Gigabit Ethernet components and cabling. iSCSI is very useful for lower bandwidth media types such as audio, DVCProHD, HDV and other compressed video formats. iSCSI is designed to take advantage of industry-standard Ethernet components, so it is very cost-effective.

Fibre Channel is also a standards-based protocol. However, Fibre Channel is specific to storage area networking. Fibre Channel solutions offer the ultimate in performance and are a must for workflows with uncompressed HD, 2K or 4K media. Fibre Channel can cost more to install and implement, but when the ultimate performance is required, it’s the leading choice.

Our products make the most of Fibre Channel and iSCSI, for the benefit of media professionals. We offer shared storage systems, SAN sharing software
and complete solutions that work with leading applications like Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro and Pro Tools.

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