Police Body Camera Video Storage Solutions

Police Body Camera Video Storage Solutions

Video storage solutions for on-person police camera systems are becoming an increasing concern for law enforcement agencies across the nation, and with very good reasons! With body camera systems come burning, yet surprisingly overlooked questions: What’s the best way to store all of the video, and how much will that cost?!

Most off-the-shelf storage systems are not well-suited to the tasks of capturing, safely storing, easily finding, and quickly playing back digital evidence from a vast multi-terabyte sized library of video files for an entire police department. The cloud can be part of the answer, but it is still a necessity for many departments to have an on-premise video storage server to comply with obligations.

SNS has been building storage systems for the world’s largest video production companies for over a decade. Our systems are in use 24×7 around the world by customers in over 50 countries. If you’ve recently seen a movie or watched TV, then almost certainly you’ve watched something that was created by one of our customers, using one of our storage systems. We have a deep understanding of the hardware and software needed to provide reliable video storage solutions, but more importantly: We know that the most important thing isn’t what we build, but how you will use it.

We know that your police department will need a system that is:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use by officers and others
  • Easy to backup

And it goes without saying that the video storage system must be:

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Expandable
  • Managed, with 24×7 technical support available

We have those things covered, and more. For example, each of our systems includes features that help to organize and protect your digital evidence, such as:

Digital Video Asset Management

Our included software automatically reads information such as date, time, location, camera model, etc. (i.e. metadata) about each file and stores it into a central database so that the videos (or photos) can be more easily found when necessary.

The included software also enables tagging and commenting other information such as officer name, suspect name, case number, etc. to each video and photo.

Web-based Admin Tools

Configuring and managing a storage system doesn’t have to be complicated. Much attention is given to the system’s user interface design to make it an intuitive and helpful administration tool, with features ranging from the very basic to the very advanced. And since it’s web-based, it can be administered from just about anywhere.

Recycle Bin

An integrated recycle bin enables you to easily restore deleted files, with administrator-configurable purging options.


Remote authentication servers (Active Directory or LDAP) can be configured if necessary to get user names and groups. You can then assign permissions to resources based on these accounts for easier management.

Audio Transcription

We can also help with advanced add-on features like automatic transcription and cataloging of audio files using phonetic speech recognition.

Customizable permissions

The database and video files can be secured with customizable privileges to prevent unauthorized access to things like crime-scene photos, interview room video, and forensic data.

Redundant hard drives and power supplies

If a drive fails or a power supply malfunctions, the system stays online and available until the problem can be repaired.

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