Studio Network Solutions (SNS) Announces Full Compatibility with New Productions Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro

St. Louis, MO – April 14th, 2020 – Studio Network Solutions (SNS), the world leader in workflow storage for professional video teams, today announces full compatibility of its EVO shared media servers with the new Productions feature set in Adobe® Premiere® Pro. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry leader in video editing. The new Productions feature set provides a new framework for organizing multiple projects, sharing assets between them, and facilitating collaboration using shared local storage. Designed from the ground up with input from top filmmakers and Hollywood editorial teams, Productions is an evolution of “Shared Projects,” which brought bin-based multi-project structure to Adobe Premiere Pro. Productions represents the culmination of that effort.

With the new Productions feature set, Adobe Premiere Pro can now handle projects with an extraordinary number of assets while maintaining peak performance. Sharing and organizing those assets is much easier than before. Within a Production, sequences can be moved between projects without creating duplicate master media files, which keeps individual projects smaller, more manageable with limitless scalability. When using Productions with an EVO shared local storage server, multiple editors can work on different projects in the same Production, sharing assets and rendered sequences as they work, keeping workflows fast and efficient. 

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Premiere Pro Productions and EVO shared storage servers go hand-in-hand, as both are built from their very core for professional, multi-user collaboration. The singular goal of both products is to enable the world’s best video editors to tackle large or complex projects as a team, all working from the same shared pool of media and other assets.

For teams to take full advantage of Productions, all team members must be connected to the same network storage server, and EVO is uniquely and immensely qualified for this role.

“The Productions workflow combines project & media sharing best practices to provide a truly collaborative environment. Project settings are shared within Productions, including scratch disks. This eliminates the need to re-render preview files and other cached media,” said Loring Weinkauf, Workflow & Product Integration Manager at SNS. “We worked closely with Adobe to ensure a seamless experience with EVO. Navigating huge projects and timelines with multiple editors is incredibly fluid.”

Productions—just like EVO—keeps everyone and everything in sync, whether on macOS, Windows, or using a mix of both.

“Our Productions team has collaborated extensively with SNS to build massive environments, to test the new features under extreme conditions,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe video. “This is a robust solution for the most demanding production workflows.”

SNS provides the technology media professionals need so more time can be spent on creative output and less time struggling with media storage. Its line of EVO servers is the choice of media professionals worldwide. All systems include the ShareBrowser MAM, which can be installed as a panel in Adobe Premiere Pro. Running ShareBrowser in a panel enables users to find media across an entire storage library, and import it into a project, without ever leaving Adobe Premiere Pro. Comprehensive functionality with the Productions feature is included with every EVO system, including EVO Prodigy.

EVO shared storage servers are fully compatible with Productions and provide high-speed centralized storage for teams of every size. Compatibility is immediately available for EVO users running OS version 6.1.5 or higher. 

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