Case Studies

EVO offers management consulting firm a proven way to manage production

This global management consulting firm helps companies identify and develop strategies for securing high-value business opportunities. Because of their proven success, they have grown to become the leading business advisor on the world market with offices around the world.

As they build a client’s business they are also building complex digital video projects that can include 3 to 4 material source streams. And while current production is within a DV format, they will be switching to an HD format in the near future.

This management consulting firm currently operates 4 Video workstations with Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows XP (3 Desktop systems and 1 Laptop). In order for workstations and laptops to connect, they relied on a NAS type storage appliance accessed over Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). This solution lacked real-time production capabilities for multiple editors who needed to work on the same material simultaneously, most notably when they used material larger than DV25.

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) knew the answer to the management consulting firm’s production needs was found in EVO – a complete, shared storage solution for video workgroups. Using EVO’s ability to share the same SAN volumes over both Fibre Channel and iSCSI (GbE) all video workstations were able to see the same block level storage with the best performance. Desktop workstations attached via Fibre Channel, and the laptop using GbE and iSCSI. With the bundled licenses of SANmp, all editors can share projects, media and other large files over different connection topologies to the same volumes.

Evo integrates a NAS and a SAN into one system to give the end-user both file-sharing and volume-locking. Evo is designed for online, real-time use with leading applications such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe Premiere Pro. The complete SNS solution for the management consulting firm included 1 Evo, 4 SANmp licenses, and 3 Ellipse Fibre Channel HBAs.

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