Introducing the New ShareBrowser Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

At SNS, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the creative process. Whether that’s enhancing the way you manage and share projects with your team, or adding new capabilities to the way you interact with media inside your editing software.

Our latest update brings ShareBrowser — our easy to use media asset management software — directly into Adobe Premiere Pro, and gives you exciting new ways to access media, stay organized, and collaborate without leaving your timeline.

A better way to interact with files

The new ShareBrowser panel for Adobe Premiere Pro makes finding and importing media into your timeline faster than ever. You can now search, preview, and import media from anywhere on your storage system without ever leaving Premiere.

Your metadata, where you need it

Logging clips can feel tedious; we get that. It’s even worse when metadata is locked in a single application. We first addressed this problem in ShareBrowser by enabling you to export your media and metadata from the desktop app with ‘export to Premiere.’ But we wanted it to be even more integrated into your creative process, inside the software you use every day.

With a simple drag and drop, or a single-click, multiple files can be imported directly to your bin.

The Premiere Panel also gives you full access to your ShareBrowser metadata, and when you import a clip, your tags and comments come along into Premiere so you can continue to reference them throughout the edit.

An entire media library at your fingertips

ShareBrowser is designed to make media asset management more intuitive than ever before.

That means you can always manage and access your media without ever hitting ⌘+K to mount network drives, or opening a bunch of Finder windows. Because the Premiere panel is showing you proxies that have been generated by ShareBrowser, it doesn’t even matter if the media is currently offline, with a single click you can automatically mount the required storage without ever leaving your timeline.

Stay up to date with the latest releases

We’re always working on new features that make storing, sharing, and managing your media better than ever. The best way to keep up is to sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date on the latest product updates, announcements, and events. We’re committed to making the ShareBrowser experience even better, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

If you’re using ShareBrowser and want to get the new Adobe Premiere Panel, contact our support team.

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