Save on EVO Shared Storage expansions until December 31st, 2017.

Scale. On sale.

Save on EVO expansions until 12/31/17.

Get the capacity, performance, and connectivity you need to take on anything in 2018.

EVO Expansions

This sale has ended.

Offers available for 96TB, 128TB, and 160TB configurations

This sale has ended.

Product Highlights

  • Scale your existing EVO 8 Bay or EVO 16 Bay system
  • Expand your EVO 8 Bay up to 240TB
  • Expand your EVO 16 Bay up to 800TB
  • Increase the performance of your EVO system
  • Expand the capacity of your existing storage volumes
  • Add additional connectivity to your existing EVO Base Unit
  • 16 x SATA drive bays, 3RU enclosure

EVO 8 Bay systems support up to 1 EVO Expansion Chassis (24 disks)
EVO 16 Bay systems support up to 4 Expansions (80 disks)

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