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EVO Expansions

EVO Expansions starting at $25,499 for 96TB

Offers available for 96TB, 128TB, and 160TB configurations

Save up to 30%

Product Highlights

  • Scale your existing EVO 8 Bay or EVO 16 Bay system
  • Expand your EVO 8 Bay up to 240TB
  • Expand your EVO 16 Bay up to 800TB
  • Increase the performance of your EVO system
  • Expand the capacity of your existing storage volumes
  • Add additional connectivity to your existing EVO Base Unit
  • 16 x SATA drive bays, 3RU enclosure

EVO 8 Bay systems support up to 1 EVO Expansion Chassis (24 disks)
EVO 16 Bay systems support up to 4 Expansions (80 disks)

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Recent Case Studies

Bipolar Studio Builds Award-Winning VR Experiences with EVO

When Bipolar Studio started to expand their capabilities to include things like 8K & 10K resolutions and 32-bit VR CGI, they knew it would be impossible without the right shared storage solution. They needed a server that could not only help them get over the roadblocks in their current workflow but help them fully realize their potential.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 Studio Using EVO and TriCaster

Microsoft's Channel 9 is a full-blown production studio with over 3 million unique viewers every month. They deliver upwards of 100 videos in a given week, and they use EVO so that all of their raw footage, Premiere projects, graphics, and finished shows are safe and available from any machine, at any of their edit stations.

Ignition Productions Uses EVO for On-Location Coverage with Red Bull TV

Ignition Productions was awarded the contract to cover the 2017 Dakar Rally for Red Bull TV—a daily behind-the-scenes show of the world's toughest Motorsport event. They had to shoot over 13 days of competition across three countries, in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, with temperatures ranging from 122°F to near freezing, sometimes in altitudes over 3500m, an extreme feat for even the most adventurous crews.