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EVO enables better video workflow — you get more time to create.

The EVO Suite

Workflow storage for professional video teams.

We make EVO so that editors, colorists, and producers can live in harmony knowing their media and projects are easy to access, share, and find—from anywhere.

It’s a beautiful thing.


EVO is an easy-to-use video shared storage and media management server, built to make every post-production team more effective.

Available in 16, 8, and 4 bay configurations.

Battle proven

Creative professionals all around the world use EVO — for everything from broadcast to feature films, ad spots, VR, 360° video, and more.

“We have 75 workstations and a 40 node render farm hanging off the backbone of our infrastructure.

Whether there are artists working or major renders happening, there can be 100 machines hammering our EVO systems, and these demands are met effortlessly.”

Jon Rennie,
Managing Director at Bait Studio

“We needed a shared storage solution that could handle UHD post-production and we needed a simple MAM to help us manage the wealth of data we’ll be generating.

SNS has us covered on all bases.”

Walter Biscardi,
Creative Genius at Biscardi Creative Media

Built for your NLEs, and your workflows

EVO isn’t just “compatible” with your hardware and software.

Take your video editing workflow to the next level, with panel integrations for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, native project and bin sharing for Avid Media Composer, Nomad remote workflow tools, and other collaborative features your team will love.

Built for media creation workflows

EVO is engineered for today's leading creative software like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX, and Avid Media Composer. These applications have extraordinary I/O requirements, so EVO is set for everything from DNxHD 36 to 8K.

Once your clips, audio, and other project materials are on the EVO server they're available to everyone on your team, ready to be edited and reviewed from any connected workstation.

EVO improves the end-to-end project lifecycle, with solutions for Nearline, cloud backup, and archive management.

More about EVO

The EVO OS offers more video streams per array, and high aggregate throughput, because our customers love to push the envelope.

Systems can be configured using HDD and/or SSD, and with multiple ports of GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, all the way up to 100Gb Ethernet for the most demanding requirements.

It can even support color grading your DPX/EXR sequences.

More performance

It's like a magic undelete button!

New intern accidentally trashed something important? Don't worry. EVO's recycle bin lets you restore files accidentally deleted from the network, saving everyone from that awkward situation.

More features

Nomad is a practical solution for in-house, remote, and freelance video editing workflows.

Nomad is included with EVO, and takes advantage of EVO's built-in transcoding system to create proxy files of your source media.

More about remote workflow


“While one person is laying down graphics on an offline machine in After Effects, someone can be coloring on our online station with Resolve, and still another can be editing offline, all sharing the same project file.”

John Lundberg, Head of TV at Pixl Family

Unlimited media management software

Every new EVO system includes unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser. No strings attached.

ShareBrowser is intuitive media management software designed by SNS. It helps teams organize, by giving them a panoramic view of media assets across every connected device.

You’ll never wonder where “that one shot is” again.

ShareBrowser is included with your EVO.

It's built for media teams that collaborate around a shared storage workflow, giving everyone a central, searchable database. It enables your team to organize and search for media and projects across EVO storage as well as local, offline, and other SAN/NAS network storage.

Media can be catalogued, tagged, and commented, so everyone on the team can easily find, preview, and share media and projects.

More about ShareBrowser


Enhanced features that integrate with your NLE:

  • Panel integrations for Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro extension
  • Native project and bin sharing for Avid Media Composer
  • Shared database hosting for DaVinci Resolve

See NLE workflows

With just the click of a button ShareBrowser can automatically tag your videos. Choose your video, click an icon, and within a matter of minutes the objects and activities in the scenes are automatically identified using AI, tagged with keywords, and searchable.

AI/ML functionality is an optional feature, additional charges apply.

More about ShareBrowser

Track, search, tag, and preview media across different storage tiers, including cloud and LTO backups and archives.

More ShareBrowser features

An EVO for any size team, anywhere

EVO video editing servers are available in configurations from two users to 100+ users, and capacities from 8TB to petabytes.

SSD options and up to 100GbE ensure your team will have the performance needed to take on any job.

Plus the award-winning EVO Suite for unlimited users.

  • High performance shared media storage server
  • Scalable up to Petabytes
  • SSD and HDD available

  • 10/25/100GbE options
  • ShareBrowser media management software included
  • Nomad remote tools included

  • Slingshot automations GUI and API
  • Recycle bin
  • No per-seat license costs

  • Cloud integration with S3, Azure, Dropbox, and others
  • macOS, Windows, Linux support

EVO is available in 16, 8, and 4 disk configurations.

24×7 support available

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