FCPX and Transitioning to Deconsolidated Libraries for Shared Storage

With the introduction of shared storage into a Final Cut Pro X team, workflows tend to open up and become more sophisticated.

Smaller workgroups usually begin by keeping FCPX libraries and their corresponding media in the localized, self-contained bundles FCPX uses by default. This is a logical way to work for very small teams, especially when there’s no shared storage. But, while this works acceptably for smaller, condensed environments, this workflow shows itself to be less efficient with the addition of network storage and increased users/collaboration. As your team grows and more users need more assets, it can be better to have media stored separately from libraries.

Once you’ve amassed a large collection of FCPX libraries — all of them with consolidated media — a full-scale transition to a more efficient, deconsolidated, shared approach means manually opening lots of libraries and separating/relinking their media. This can be a big, manual chore, so we created a macOS utility that will batch deconsolidate media from libraries en masse, and published an article in our knowledge base on why your FCPX team might want to make such a transition.

Download the utility

Head over to our KB to download this utility or learn why and how to transition your FCPX team’s libraries to the desconsolidated approach.

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