Introducing The New ShareBrowser

Introducing the new ShareBrowser

May 11

The new ShareBrowser is here! EVO’s included ShareBrowser media asset management system has been fully redesigned from the ground up with an all new look and feel, new features, and new integrations. This latest release is more than a pretty face; it’s a full system rewrite designed to make your team more organized, productive, and collaborative every day.

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What’s new in the new ShareBrowser? Teams will have a seamless user experience across their Mac and Windows devices, as well as in our browser-based web application. We’ve also added new integrations to work with more products in your media production environment. And there’s so much more to show you. See what else is in store for the all new ShareBrowser media asset manager.

You’ll learn about:
  • ShareBrowser’s fully rebuilt UI for a modern experience across devices
  • Using ShareBrowser bins with Nomad for remote editing
  • New and improved integrations with StorageDNA, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more

Plus, stay tuned for a special sneak preview of EVO’s automation and API upgrade, coming soon!

Presented by Steve Higdon, Sr. Systems Engineer & Product Specialist.

Recorded live on May 11, 2021

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