September 30, 2020 — Practical Remote Editing Solutions for Video Production Teams Webinar


Practical Remote Editing Solutions for Video Production Teams
September 30

Join us for a live webinar to learn just how easy remote video editing can be for your team.

Register 12:00PM CDT

Remote editing is not a new phenomenon. Studios, companies, schools, churches, and filmmakers around the globe have been editing offline for years without massive cloud storage libraries or fancy at-home edit bays. The truth is, there are simple, common sense remote editing workflow options that don’t require an engineering degree to understand.

You’ll learn about:

  • Practical solutions for remote editing
  • Easy ways to access your shared storage remotely
  • Using proxy files for offline editing
  • Remote workflow solutions built into your EVO shared storage server (for free)

Presented by Steve Higdon, Sr. Systems Engineer/Product Specialist, Studio Network Solutions. Followed by a live Q&A.

Also available in Spanish 11:00 ART and Portuguese 16:00 ART.

Register 12:00PM CDT



  • Drum set in music studio.

Harter Music’s Workflow Sings with SNS Storage for Pro Tools

Harter Music has provided outstanding music and audio services for decades. From legendary recording artists like George Strait to brands like Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Burger King, Walmart, and Nestle—sound design by Harter Music always hits the right note. It’s more than just big brands that trust this family-owned and -operated San Antonio studio, though. Musicians, filmmakers, hospitals and healthcare systems, political candidates, military branches, and government programs like have all found their voice with Harter Music. Harter Music’s San Antonio facility includes three beautiful studios equipped with everything their clients need to feel at home.

  • A possessed woman in a chair.

Skubalon’s “The Cleansing Hour” Possesses Audiences with EVO

“The EVO was an invaluable part of our work. We couldn’t have made the movie without it.” That’s Damien LeVeck, founder of Skubalon, Inc. and director/writer/producer of The Cleansing Hour, a Shudder Original that’s been racking up streams, screams, and rave reviews since its 2020 release. In The Cleansing Hour, Lane (Alix Angelis) transforms from loving fiancée to terrifying antagonist.

  • Maestro Filmworks sign and cinema camera.

Maestro Filmworks Scores with EVO for Esports Production

Located in the City of Brotherly Love, Maestro Filmworks is a full-service media production powerhouse. They’ve produced corporate video and commercials for brands like Google, Pfizer, Deloitte, Asics, Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, and more. Beyond corporate content, Maestro creates narrative and documentary work, broadcast television productions, and educational animations that entertain audiences everywhere. Specializing in commercial, corporate, and broadcast video productions, Maestro Filmworks’ mission is to produce engaging and imaginative films that inform, entertain, and inspire.