Producer/Engineer Chuck Ainlay Relies On Studio Network Solutions® A/V SAN Drive System For Top End Recording Projects

“The A/V SAN Completely Works for the Way I Need My System to Work – Reliably, Quickly”

Nashville, Tennessee, February 11, 2003 – Chuck Ainlay, a music industry veteran with over 25 years experience producing and engineering, has come to rely on the Studio Network Solutions’ A/V SAN™ for his very demanding recording needs. The A/V SAN™ (Storage Area Network) provides the extraordinary data transfer rates and rock-solid reliability needed for today’s 24-bit/96kHz multi-channel digital workstation operations, and is the heir apparent to the aging SCSI systems used by the computer industry for so long. Recently, Ainlay has utilized the drive system on projects for such artists as George Strait, Everclear, Shedaisy and a Mark Knopfler/Emmylou Harris duet.

“I first heard of the A/V SAN™ system through a demonstration here in town,” says Ainlay. “I use the Steinberg Nuendo recording system for the PC and I am part of the Producers User Group for that system. Because of the increased demands on my hard drive, I decided to give the A/V SAN™ a try. No matter how good the software system is, the piece of equipment that gets the workout is the hard drive. The hard drive must work flawlessly or you will lose your project. I put the A/V SAN™ system in, ran it through its paces, and it did everything that I could possibly ask of a hard drive system. It works great.”

The paces Ainlay devised consisted of loading a set of recent 96k tracks he had recorded and duplicating this set out to 70 tracks total. He performed edits on individual tracks and across all 70 tracks. The single A/V SAN™ drive on Ainlay’s system never missed a beat, even as it worked with this massive amount of data.

The A/V SAN™ system utilizes the Fibre Channel communications protocol to achieve extremely high transfer rates between the computer and external A/V SAN™ drive(s). Fibre Channel supports transfers of up to 400 MB/s and has the ability to connect computers up to several miles away.

While Fibre Channel and SAN are recent computer industry technologies and protocols, the real magic with the A/V SAN™ system is the proprietary software and quality build that directly services the needs of audio and video production regimens. This superb implementation easily handles 128 tracks of 96/24 audio, with edits, on a single fibre channel drive.

“This level of performance is very remarkable,” adds Ainlay. “The A/V SAN™ completely works for the way I need my system to work – reliably, quickly. When you work with high-level acts, there just can’t be excuses about the computer system crashing or hiccupping the playback. Everything must work all the time. The A/V SAN™ from Studio Network Solutions gives me the confidence to focus on the creative flow and not worry about the technology.”

The A/V SAN™ package includes a 1U enclosure, up to 4 Fibre Channel drives, a Studio Network Solutions PCI card, custom SNS Software and optical cables. The A/V SAN PRO™ offers up to 15 drives per 3U enclosure delivering multiple terabytes of storage.

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