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ShareBrowser FAQs

Will ShareBrowser let me do project sharing on storage other than EVO?
Many of ShareBrowser’s features will work with any storage system. However, project sharing and locking currently only work with shares hosted on an EVO.
Does my older EVO have ShareBrowser?
Your EVO must be running OS version 5.x to use ShareBrowser. You can check the OS version of your EVO by logging into the web GUI and checking the lower left corner of the page; near the date and uptime you will find the OS version.
What exactly is an MD5 checksum?!
Generally, a checksum is a unique number string that is derived by running an algorithm against a specific set of data. Once a checksum is generated it allows an easy comparison between two sets of data that are supposed to be identical. The checksums will be identical if (and only if) both sets of data are identical. The current “industry standard” algorithm is MD5. A checksum is sometimes called a hash.

A checksum tool (there are many) can generate and compare checksums. As a confidence check, users can generate a checksum for a file and provide it along with the data via file copy, download, or other means of delivery. When the data is received at the destination the accompanying checksum can be compared against a checksum generated from the copied data. A checksum is routinely provided with software downloads and other data. In Post Production, final masters are often delivered with a checksum, to help ensure that media content is delivered without error.

How do I get the latest version of ShareBrowser?
To verify that you’re using the latest release of SNS software, please visit our knowledge base and review the current software version listing.
Where do I download the latest version of ShareBrowser?
Please login to our support system and check this article to get the latest ShareBrowser components.
Product update notifications via X
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