SNS Announces EVO v.5.8, Includes New Features for FCP X and ShareBrowser

Studio Network Solutions announces a major OS update with upgrades for ShareBrowser and exclusive features for Final Cut Pro X workflows.

London, UK, BVE Expo, Stand L45 (February 23, 2016) – Studio Network Solutions, LLC. (SNS) a leading provider of shared storage solutions for video and audio workgroups, today announces a major upgrade to its EVO shared storage server with EVO OS v.5.8 and ShareBrowser v.4.3.

These latest releases include enhanced networking capabilities, exclusive features for Final Cut Pro X workflows, server-side indexing and transcoding, and a host of other improvements to the EVO operating system and included ShareBrowser asset management software.

Among the major feature upgrades, EVO’s networking capabilities have been extended with the addition of Virtual Switch. By enabling EVO’s Ethernet ports to function as an Ethernet switch, the new Virtual Switch feature allows each connected workstation to communicate with EVO while also maintaining communication paths to other connected workstations as well as external network shares/devices.

EVO v.5.8 also introduces a major achievement in collaborative Final Cut Pro X workflows.

A well-known limitation of Final Cut Pro X is that its Libraries cannot be saved to, nor opened on a standard NAS share. EVO v.5.8 introduces a unique sharing and project locking system built specifically for Final Cut Pro X, that enhances workgroup collaboration and still enables editors to have their Final Cut Pro X Libraries on EVO’s network shares. “We’ve purpose-built a more convenient and sensible FCPX workflow than the typical NFS or Xsan solution,” stated Ryan Stoutenborough, President, Studio Network Solutions. “We believe this one new feature alone makes EVO v.5.8 the most editor-friendly network storage solution for Final Cut Pro X on the market.”

This version of EVO also includes previews of two major new features: EVO-side transcoding and EVO-side indexing. These two features were created to greatly extend the utility of EVO’s included ShareBrowser asset management software. EVO-side transcoding and indexing bring forward the ability for EVO to be a self-contained proxy transcoder and indexing engine for the assets within the storage system. These features simplify setup, improve performance, and eliminate the need for additional computers to perform certain transcoding and indexing functions.

EVO ShareBrowser is a unified file/project/asset management software for Windows and OS X that allows EVO users to comment, search, tag, preview proxies, and verify file transfers across all EVO storage as well as local, offline, cloud and other network shares. The companion version of ShareBrowser receives many UI refinements, in addition to new features for FCPX users, and improved overall performance.

EVO v.5.8 gives professional media creation teams total flexibility with built-in NAS and SAN, more storage capacity, 8K-ready performance, and enhanced features like automatic file locking, project/bin sharing, RAID 5/6/10, asset tagging, LDAP, and cloud integration.

New in EVO Version 5.8 – Highlighted features include:

  • Final Cut Pro X Library Locking
  • Virtual Switch
  • Increased support for Cloud Workspaces
  • Read-only NAS shares for LDAP/AD Groups
  • Server-side transcoding for ShareBrowser proxies (Preview feature)
  • Server-side indexing (Preview feature)

EVO v.5.8 begins shipping on new systems next month and can be ordered in 4 bay, 8 bay, and 16 bay configurations.

About Studio Network Solutions (SNS)
SNS is a leading provider of shared storage hardware and software technology for Mac, Windows & Linux workgroups. Since 1998 SNS has been advancing workflow efficiency for the media and entertainment, broadcast, post production, digital content creation, game development, and education and government marketplaces.