SNS Announces Release of Fibredrive™ at AES 2002

Single-drive Desktop Enclosure is the Perfect Solution for Audio, Video and Digital Imaging Applications

Los Angeles, Nevada, October 5, 2002 – Studio Network Solutions (SNS) will feature Fibredrive™, a compact fibre channel drive enclosure that offers the same high-quality performance as A/V SAN™ and A/V SAN PRO™, at the AES Convention 2002, Booth #2147. SNS’ new single-user unit, which features from 72 GB to 146 GB capacities in an astonishing single drive fibre channel enclosure, is fully compatible and upgradeable to A/V SAN and A/V SAN PRO.

Eric Newbauer, director of operations for SNS, is looking forward to the upcoming release of their personal fibre channel system. “What makes Fibredrive unique is that it offers the performance of a SAN, without the SAN,” stated Newbauer. “This product is for everyone; it will be an enormous benefit to any stand-alone workstation. Everyone from a Pro Tools™ user to an Avid Symphony™ user can now rely on a single drive instead of the traditional RAID SCSI systems. In addition, Photoshop™ users, home-based audio/video editors, video gamers and anyone else using our new Fibredrive technology will be getting enterprise level performance from a stand-alone drive.”

Key features of Fibredrive:
– SNS PCI Host Bus Adapter
– Audio: More than 128 tracks – 24-bit Audio
– Video: Dual Stream Uncompressed Video/Single Drive
– A/V: 56 Tracks of 24/48 and 3:1 Video Record/Playback (using Avoption|XL)
– Up to 400 MB/Sec. Throughput
– Supports full duplex operation
– Available in 1 Gigabit or 2 Gigabit technology

While Fibredrive is upgradeable to A/V SAN and A/V SAN PRO, it is also backwards compatible, meaning that current A/V SAN and A/V SAN PRO users can add on a Fibredrive system. While they perform the same function, it is important to note that they are separate entities. Fibredrive can support only one user, while the larger A/V SAN can support up to two users, and the A/V SAN PRO will support anywhere from a single user up to 25+ users.

About SNS

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