SNS Announces Support Plans for Mac OS X Tiger

Free updates of SNS software will be made available SNS announces free update to SANmp for OS X Tiger
SNS announces that it will make available a pre-release version of SANmp with support for Mac OS X Tiger. This free update will be available on the day of Tiger’s official release. This pre-release version will be available upon request by sending an email to after April 28th.

Due to the nature of the changes in Apple’s new OS the pre-release version of SANmp will have complete feature support for Tiger with the exception of Synchronization. Synchronization is a feature within SANmp which enables the OS to flush its local cache of the file system, allowing the most current information on a shared Read-Only volume to be displayed.

SNS will issue a follow-up statement when the Synchronization feature is fully supported in SANmp for OS X Tiger. The target date for Synchronization support in SANmp for OS X Tiger is Q4’05. SNS will make every effort to deliver the Sync-enabled release on the earliest possible date, pending the dissemination of information by Apple regarding the technical nature of specific changes made in the Tiger OS. An automatic notification will be sent to all registered users of SANmp when the feature-complete version is officially available.

SNS announces support plans for globalSAN/iSANmp and iSCSI Initiator for Tiger
SNS announces that it will make available free updates of iSANmp and the OS X iSCSI Initiator for Mac OS X Tiger. The target date for these free updates is early Q3’05. In addition to support for Tiger, the iSCSI initiator will include the following new features:

– Improved WAN support
– Login Redirect
– Fast Login support
– Error Recovery Level 1 support
– Multiple LUN support
– Usability enhancements
– Overall improvements for greater performance and stability

An automatic notification will be sent to all registered users of iSANmp when the Mac OS X Tiger supported release is officially available.

Customers who rely on SNS software products are advised to delay their migration to Mac OS X Tiger until all free, feature-complete updates are available. Please register your SNS software if you would like to be automatically notified of future updates.

SANmp is a registered trademark of Studio Network Solutions, LLC.

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