SNS Announces Upgrades to Evo Shared Storage System At NAB 2010

Twice the performance, twice the capacity, loaded with improvements and new features

St. Louis, Missouri, April 10, 2010 – Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a premier provider of post-production storage products for video and audio workgroups, today announced immediate availability of Evo version 2.1, bringing new features and major performance advancements to its SAN + NAS shared storage system.

Evo’s integration of SAN and NAS enables users to edit, share and review projects, media and other large files using the most appropriate connection type for each task. The system allows direct-attach and switch-based connection of Fibre Channel, Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet computers.

“Each new version of the Evo storage server has brought hundreds of useful improvements and new features, adding value even for existing customers. With most other leading storage systems, once you own that box its capabilities aren’t going to change much, except for the occasional firmware upgrade,” states Eric Newbauer, Vice President at Studio Network Solutions. “With Evo, our customers have an investment in an efficient and flexible storage appliance that can actually improve its tool set and usefulness over time, rather than having a feature-locked black box.”

Digital content producers all over the world are choosing the Evo shared storage system. Evo is now deployed to hundreds of customers across 15 countries, and is utilized in a variety of TV, film, video and audio productions. Customers include The History Channel, BBC, Johns Hopkins University, Irwin Entertainment, McKinsey and many others.

Evo is unique in that it includes Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS connectivity right out of the box. With the latest upgrades, Evo proves that it’s not only a great value for post-production workgroups of all sizes, but that it now leaps beyond most of its competition in terms of performance. Significant advancements have been made that now enable Evo to deliver far more video streams while using a fewer number of disks. This results in a less expensive, more reliable, energy conscious storage solution.

Evo is compatible with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Smoke, and most similar applications for Mac and Windows. It is also compatible with SANmp, Xsan/StorNext or metaSAN, most popular Fibre Channel HBAs, as well as the free SNS globalSAN and Microsoft iSCSI initiators.

Visit SNS at NAB 2010 in booth SL8922, and in its partners’ locations SL7708 (Square Box Systems) and SL9712 (Marquise Technologies). Square Box Systems and SNS will be demonstrating the workflow benefits of the popular CatDV media asset management software running directly on an Evo shared storage system. Marquise Technologies will be demonstrating the benefits of its MIST solo product — a real-time 4K/2K/HD/SD player dedicated to quick reviews and Quality Control for film scanner operators, 2D/3D animators and matte painters — in an environment facilitated by an Evo storage system.

About SNS

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