EVO Shared Storage Upgrade Program

The Upgrade to EVO Program

Upgrade your underperforming SAN, NAS, or Thunderbolt/USB RAID,
and save on EVO Shared Storage with built-in media management.

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Easy 3-Step Upgrade Process

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Upgrade program is available for select 4, 8, and 16 disk configurations.1
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Shared storage your team will actually want to use

Unlimited MAM

Search, tag, index, preview, and verify all of your media with ShareBrowser, a Finder-like asset management interface for all of your local and networked storage. Easily locate your media from anywhere, then bring your media and metadata directly into your NLE.

4K & 8K-Ready

EVO uses advanced caching algorithms, precisely engineered software, and state of the art hardware to help you stay on top of the latest cutting-edge formats. Whether it’s 4K DPX, 8K R3D, or whatever camera companies come up with next.

Easy On The IT Dept

EVO is simple to install and easy to maintain. It integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software, and provides the highest number of network ports available in a single system, up to 28 GbE, or multiple 10 GbE or Fibre Channel ports without using a network switch.

Extra Data Protection

ShareBrowser, the client GUI and media asset management layer of EVO, includes enhanced bit-by-bit data verification for file copies, and the option to generate MD5 checksums to include with your deliverables. You’ll know that your media won’t end up corrupted.

Real-time Editing

With EVO, everyone on your team can edit, review, and collaborate directly over the network using centrally located shared media and projects, in real-time.

Full Collaboration

EVO takes your workflow to the next level with native project and bin sharing for Media Composer, project locking for Adobe Premiere, library locking for Final Cut Pro X, and other collaborative features your team will love.

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That’s not even half of it.

  • Customizable system configurations
  • Cloud workspace integration
  • Extensive third party integrations
  • 24/7 support available
  • LDAP/Active Directory support
  • 99% Zendesk customer support rating
  • What our customers are saying

    Creative teams all around the world use EVO daily for everything from broadcast
    to feature films, documentaries, advertising, VR, 360° video, and more.

    “We have 75 workstations and a 40 node render farm. Whether there are artists working or major renders happening these demands are met effortlessly.”

    Jon Rennie
    Managing Director, Bait Studio

    “We have better processes in place because of EVO. Without it, it would always be crunch time.”

    Andy Fink
    Lead Editor, MasterClass

    “EVO was the perfect fit for us. We can have one person working in After Effects, someone grading on our online station with Resolve, and still another can be editing, all sharing the same project files.”

    John Lundberg
    Head of TV, Pixl Family

    “We needed shared storage that can handle UHD Post, and we needed a simple MAM to help us manage the wealth of data that we’ll be generating over the next few years. SNS has us covered on all bases.”

    Walter Biscardi
    Founder, Biscardi Creative Media

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much will I get for my “insert device here”?

    Upgrade values are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the storage device and the type of EVO system you’re interested in. Contact us at 314-733-0551 to get your estimate.

    What devices are eligbile for upgrades?

    Almost every RAID storage device is eligible. Whether it’s an 8TB Thunderbolt RAID, a 120TB+ SAN, or something in the middle.

    Can I upgrade to any EVO configuration?

    Select EVO system are eligible for the upgrade program.

    What are the differences between Prodigy Desktop, 8 Bay, 16 Bay, and Nearline?

    EVO systems are available in many configurations, suited for any size creative team. We’ve designed our product line to fit into any creative environment, whether there are 3 users or 300. Learn more about the different EVO models.

    Do I need to send in my existing storage device to be eligible?

    You do not need to send us your existing storage device. You can continue to use it as backup, as a doorstop, etc. We don’t want it. We recommend holding on to it and using our ShareBrowser software to index and organize it.

    Is EVO covered by warranty?

    New EVO systems come with a 2 year hardware warranty (extended warranties available), and basic online support. Plans are also available for business hours phone support, or 24/7 dedicated support. You’ll have access to our engineers who actually understand media workflows, your environment, and your NLEs. We also have a 99% customer support rating on Zendesk, so you’re in good hands.

    How can I order EVO without the upgrade plan?

    Get in touch with us here, and we will help you find a local certified SNS reseller.

    1Select EVO systems are eligible for the upgrade program. However, discounts vary depending on the type of system being upgraded and the desired EVO system. Discounts are determined on a case-by-case basis, and SNS reserves the right to deny any device determined to be ineligible.

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