SNS Fibredrive™ Is ”Rock Solid” At Capturing Remote Recordings For Design FX Audio

SNS Gear Assists Company With Live Recordings

Los Angeles, CA—March 4, 2005 — From providing the audio industry with a vast selection of professional-quality recording equipment, to supplying remote trucks and complete crews of technicians capable of handling any recording job, Design FX Remote Recording has been an integral player in the music industry for the past 20 years. With the installation of a Studio Network Solutions Fibredrive in its remote recording truck, Design FX offers its clients a more robust multi-track recording solution.

Fibredrive is a complete, professional drive system built on enterprise-class Fibre Channel technology. It contains everything necessary to easily connect to a workstation so that the user can take advantage of the very same technology used in mission-critical environments throughout the world. SNS’ award-winning Fibredrive delivers the performance of a traditional storage network to a single-user workstation.

Over the years, Design FX has worked with music legends such as Elton John, The Eagles, Stevie Wonder and Neil Young, as well as the GRAMMYS, Academy Awards and the MTV Awards. Recording live shows has become increasingly more complex. The Fibredrive has helped Design FX Remote make the transition of these increased recording demands. During a typical show, 40 to 60 microphones are on stage capturing the vocals, drums, guitars, keyboards, orchestra, etc. and with the Fibredrive, Design FX can record everything all on one system. Once the recording is complete, the information is transferred and given to the client to mix in post-production.

“It’s [Fibredrive] been rock solid for us,” stated Scott Peets, director of remote recording for Design FX. “The number of tracks needed for production continues to increase, which requires more memory. What used to be 24 tracks has turned into anywhere from 48 to 72 tracks these days. The Fibredrive gives us the confidence we need to record a 72 track show that may run as long as 4 hours. During the show, the computer is working non-stop processing all the audio information from the top of the show until the encores, and the Fibredrive is fast enough to handle it.”

The Design FX remote recording truck has a custom 44 input API console with 550a EQs. It comes equipped with various multi-track formats. “With Pro Tools being the most requested format as of late, the Fibredrive has become an integral part of our set up.” Recent projects include, “Crossroads,” a CMT special pairing country artists like Keith Urban, with rock artists such as John Fogerty.

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