Case Studies

SNS helps audio studio turn up volume in production efficiency and speed

Los Angeles based Megatrax is one of the premier production music libraries, featuring an ever-expanding catalog of fresh and original sounds. Ideal for custom scoring, Megatrax maintains state-of-the-art live and electronic recording studios and has access to the finest musicians, arrangers and orchestrations in the industry. Megatrax’s high-impact, custom sound has made them a leading choice for major broadcast networks and Hollywood studios. Their credits include The Simpson’s Movie, Shrek The Third, General Hospital and many more top names.

From movie trailers to music CDs, Megatrax can have 10 to 15 projects in progress simultaneously. In order to keep things moving forward, they needed a system that would let them move projects instantly between 3 studios as well as review and edit projects outside the studio. In addition, Megatrax had 6 Pro Tools workstations that all needed to be on shared storage and required RAID protection.

The solution Studio Network Solutions developed for Megatrax included 4 globalSAN™X-4s, 6 seats of Q:COMPLETE™ premium support and on-site installation. The solution was robust, fast, bullet proof and required a minimum amount of management time. It was the ideal choice for giving Megatrax more time to be creative without dealing with a lot of network administration. It also provided their workgroups the ability to edit and share large files directly on RAID protected storage.

“We looked at various solutions, but the SNS solution stood out because of its speed, compatibility with Pro Tools and ease of administration. You don’t have to be an IT professional to install setup and maintain an SNS product. Their globalSAN™X-4 system has improved our workflow and increased the speed of our productions. Now that we have it, we wonder how we ever managed without it!” – Derek Jones, Audio Engineer, Megatrax

Company: Megatrax

Industry: Audio post production

Working Environment: Pro Tools LE /HD, Mac OS X

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