SNS Products Selected by Growing Numbers of Audio Visual Studios and Production Facilities

Adoption Rate Continues to Increase for Premier Developer of Shared Storage and Networking Technologies

St. Louis, Missouri, October 3, 2006 — Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a premier developer and worldwide solutions provider of optimized audio/video shared storage and networking technologies for the media and entertainment industries, continues to increase market share by attracting new customers.

Among some of the internationally recognized studios that have recently added SNS products to their state-of-the-art facilities for audio/visual recording and editing are Studio at the Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada and Blackbird Studios, Nashville, Tennessee. Each of these facilities has installed SNS shared storage systems in order to optimize their creative workflow for sound, recording, editing, mixing, and archiving.

The Palms Casino Resort’s multi-million dollar production studio, Studio at the Palms, installed SNS’ Fibre Channel shared storage system – the A/V SAN PRO – in order to increase efficiency and optimize workflow. Director, Zoe Thrall explained, “We are using our A/V SAN PRO as our main audio work drives for our sessions. When a client brings their files in we transfer them to the Fibre Channel drives and continue working, then remove them from the drives for archiving. We also can inter-connect more than one studio if the same client is working in more than one room. When time, money and creativity are on the line you want to work in the most stable and efficient format and with A/V SAN PRO we bought peace-of-mind.”

Blackbird Studios of Nashville, Tennessee, the nationally recognized recording studio that has served as the recording facility for international artists such as Neil Young, Dolly Parton, Smashmouth and many more, deployed both A/V SAN PRO and SNS globalSAN X-4 iSCSI system to solve their storage and workflow needs. Vance Powell, General Manager and staff engineer for Blackbird, said, “We use our SNS SANs everyday for centralized storage for the 7 studios here at Blackbird. SNS has been here with us since day one and their system has grown with us from a one room semi-private studio to a 7 room world-class facility. There’s not been one single incident of data loss or client downtime because of the SAN in 4 years of operation. That is what I call solid! Period.”

About the Products
globalSAN X-4 is a compact, multi-user storage area network for production studios using Pro Tools®, Final Cut Pro®, or AVID®. The shared storage system offers four 500GB SATA drives (2.0TB) and two client licenses of iSANmp software. Workstations can connect directly to the X-4 over Gigabit Ethernet and share RAID-protected storage. Other products in the globalSAN family include the X-8, X-16, and X-24, offering additional video storage and licenses for larger workgroups.

A/V SAN PRO is a shared storage solution using up to 4Gb Fibre Channel technology that provides multiple digital audio/video workstations concurrent access to centralized storage at extraordinary speed. The system offers exceptional performance and stability to applications like Avid, Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Final Cut Pro.

SANmp is multi-platform software allowing workstations to concurrently access information from a Storage Area Network (SAN). Among the features found in SANmp are capabilities for configuring, managing, sharing and accessing SAN resources, creating RAID sets and setting access privileges at the user level.

In addition to these products, the company develops custom storage solutions, as well as post-production metadata, indexing, workflow tools for the entertainment and media industries.

About SNS

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) specializes in the development of shared storage hardware and software solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry. Since day one we’ve applied unmatched ingenuity and experience to create outstanding products that exceed industry expectations while providing outstanding support to our customers.

Our customers range in size from individual freelance engineers to multinational media powerhouses. Our solutions are used to produce everything from books on tape to full track scoring for major Hollywood films. Our products have been at the technical core of the music you listen to, the games you play, the shows you watch and the movies you see.

We have a valued network of resellers located throughout the United States… and the world. Whether you have a product question or you’re ready to place an order, we encourage you to contact us today.