SNS Releases New ShareBrowser MAM, Proxy Editing Workflows

St. Louis, MO – October 31, 2023 – Studio Network Solutions (SNS), the world leader in shared storage, media asset management, and remote/cloud workflows for professional media teams, released a new version of ShareBrowser, the media asset manager (MAM) included with EVO shared storage systems. 

ShareBrowser v.7 provides an automated proxy workflow built into its integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro; as well as new security and user experience features.

“ShareBrowser’s latest updates are all about efficiency, helping video editors get what they want faster, in fewer steps, both in the ShareBrowser app and in their NLE,” said Ryan Stoutenborough, president at SNS. “The new proxy workflow is another game-changer—especially for remote editors—enabling real-time cloud workflows and giving post-production teams the tools they need to work more efficiently from anywhere in the world.”

“There is a lot to love in the latest ShareBrowser release,” said Eric Newbauer, CTO and co-founder at SNS. “ShareBrowser’s user experience has never been better, enriched with shortcuts and personalization features. And by automating the proxy workflow, editors can now spend more time creating their content, and less time manually transcoding, importing, and attaching their proxies.” 

Highlights of the updated ShareBrowser MAM system include:

Updated proxy workflow in Premiere Pro, Resolve, and Final Cut Pro

Using any of ShareBrowser’s NLE integrations, video editors now have the option to import and attach EVO’s automatically generated proxies as they add media to their project. 

Spacebar shortcut for previewing media

Clicking the spacebar will open (or close) the media preview window for a selected media asset in ShareBrowser. This quick look feature expands the keyboard shortcuts currently available in the MAM.

Larger media previews

The expanded preview window in ShareBrowser v.7 is larger, offering users a better view of their video clips, images, and other media assets.

Customizable metadata pane

Each user can customize how their harvested metadata (e.g., file name, video codec, duration, bit rate, etc.) is displayed within ShareBrowser’s metadata pane. Users can sort these fields based on their individual preferences, prioritizing the metadata that is most relevant to their user experience.

ACL support

For users leveraging EVO’s Access Control Lists (ACLs), ShareBrowser can now inherit ACL permissions from EVO to enable advanced, folder-level permissioning. This advanced permissioning model is not mandatory for ShareBrowser or EVO users.

These new media workflow features are presented in SNS’s webinar, Everything You Need To Know About ShareBrowser v.7, including a real-time demonstration of importing and attaching proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro.

ShareBrowser v.7 is compatible with EVO OS v.7. Contact SNS support for more information on upgrading existing EVO or ShareBrowser environments to the latest versions available. 

The new ShareBrowser is now shipping on all new EVO orders, including online and nearline EVO shared storage servers, EVO Cloud, and MOD Powered by EVO. Schedule a demo or place an order today at

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