SNS Releases New/Upgraded globalSAN Systems

Complete Shared Storage Systems Now Available for Mac/PC

Amsterdam, Netherlands—September 9, 2005 — Studio Network Solutions (SNS), located at booth 7.511, today announced several upgrades to its globalSAN™ family of complete shared storage SANs.

SNS has further enhanced its unique and versatile family of complete iSCSI-based SANs. All upgraded models feature 60% more storage capacity, as well as increased performance. Every globalSAN model includes a fully populated SATA array, RAID protection, SAN sharing software for Mac/Windows and direct-connect ports for switch-free installation.

The systems will be offered worldwide as complete packages ranging in size and capacity from the 1.6 Terabyte X-4 to the 9.6 Terabyte X-24:

• globalSAN X-4 $6,999 – 1U, 1.6 TB, 2 direct-connect ports, 1 x RAID controller
• globalSAN X-8 $14,999 – 2U, 3.2 TB, 4 direct-connect ports, 1 x RAID controller
• globalSAN X-16 $22,999 – 3U, 6.4 TB, 6 direct-connect ports, 2 x RAID controllers
• globalSAN X-24 $29,999 – 5U, 9.6 TB, 8 direct-connect ports, 2 x RAID controllers

“We’ve built the X-4 to be within reach of every multi-room audio studio. Price, performance, capacity – all factors were taken into consideration to make this the best choice for Pro Tools® facilities,” stated Gary Holladay, president of SNS. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this SAN is the price. While the X-4 is unique in many ways, at $6,999 it offers the lowest point of entry for a complete, multi-user, multi-platform shared SAN.

The X-8 and X-16 include all upgraded components and increased capacity but the price has not been increased from previous versions.

The globalSAN X-24 system will offer 60% more storage capacity and two additional software licenses. At $29,999 for the complete system, the cost per user comes to about 40 cents per gigabyte. “The X-24 offers incredible value, particularly when compared to the total cost of an eight-user Xsan system,” stated Eric Newbauer, director of operations at SNS. “There are no metadata servers to purchase or maintain, and no Fibre Channel switches to configure. The X-24 is easy to install, setup, and use. It is designed to fit perfectly into any shop editing high volumes of offline DV in Final Cut or Avid.”

As with all models in the globalSAN family, the product is based on the iSCSI protocol, which maximizes the performance of Gigabit Ethernet. All globalSAN systems offer the ability to create a high-performance SAN using Ethernet components. Using iSCSI as the SAN protocol eliminates the need to purchase comparatively expensive components found in a traditional Fibre Channel SAN. globalSAN systems offers a cost-effective pathway towards achieving performance nearing that of Fibre Channel.

One of the key advantages of the globalSAN line of products is its ability to offer dynamic block-level access to data over widely deployed IP-based networks, allowing secure and easy access over LAN and WAN. The easy-to-use, yet powerful technology enables a high-speed, lower-cost storage solution that is capable of spanning nearly any IP network.

About SNS

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