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Learn how EVO Shared Storage can Help Your Team at NAMM 2017
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See how EVO shared storage can make your next project more organized.

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Companies around the world use EVO for their ADR, audio post, recording, and music production workflows.

EVO Shared Storage Benefits

Always Find What You’re Looking For

Search, tag, index, and preview all of your files with ShareBrowser, a Finder-like asset management interface included free with every EVO.

No I.T? No Problem

EVO is simple to install and easy to maintain. It integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware and software, and can handle up to 28 direct-connections without a network switch.

Eliminate Repetitve Workflow Tasks

Slingshot is an easy-to-use point and click GUI that lets you automate repetitive file management tasks—so you and your team can focus on more valuable things.

For a limited time, the Slingshot GUI and API is included free with every new EVO!

Speed Up Your Workflow

Record, play, and edit huge multi-track sessions, or even 4K & 6K video onto RAID-protected, secure storage.

Eliminate Local Hard Drives

Keep all of your sessions and media in one convenient location, acessible from every room.

Cloud Integration

Use ShareBrowser to organize and access media stored in Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other cloud services.

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