SNS To Showcase New Hybrid Video Storage System Evo™ at NAB2007

Evo – Video Storage for Creative Workgroups, Offers Fibre Channel, 10Gb iSCSI, SAN and NAS in One Box St. Louis, MO, March 4, 2007 – Studio Network Solutions (SNS), developer of the only free iSCSI initiator for OS X and worldwide provider of optimized audio/video shared storage products, today announced the company will demonstrate Evo, the revolutionary shared storage solution for post production workgroups during NAB2007, location SL4830.

The latest shared storage system, Evo, ends the debate for all companies facing the choice between buying a SAN or a NAS. Evo solves this problem by enabling creative teams to share projects, media, and other large files using the most extensive connectivity options available in a single product – 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel and up to 10 Gb/s iSCSI and NAS.

“Evo gives companies a huge advantage in terms of connectivity and upgradeability,” stated Gary Holladay, President of Studio Network Solutions. “By including Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS in a single product, Evo assures that workgroups of all sizes will have the best tool for every aspect of the project. It will no longer be necessary to compromise by settling on a system that only does one thing.”

The base Evo package will ship with 4 Terabytes of high-throughput storage and accommodate up to six direct-connect Mac and PC clients via 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel and iSCSI over Gigabit Ethernet. Upgrade options will be available to easily add more storage into the system or increase the number of direct-connect Fibre Channel and iSCSI clients. A 10 Gb/s Ethernet option will also be available, giving a 10x increase in network bandwidth for NAS and iSCSI.

The system will also include features such as advanced disk-provisioning that enables Evo drives to be arranged into storage pools, each capable of containing one or more volumes. Each individual volume can be assigned a discrete RAID level, meaning the flexibility to choose what matters most: performance, reliability, usable space, or a mix of all three. For the most demanding applications, Evo offers the ability to dedicate any pool’s bandwidth to a specific task such as ingesting video. The complete solution is extremely versatile – it will even allow a company’s existing Fibre Channel storage to be extended over Ethernet.

About SNS

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