Sony/Tree Studios relies on the SNS A/V SAN PRO storage system for concurrent access to centralized data storage

Nashville, Tennessee, October 5, 2002 – Solving the problem of data access and storage for large, multitrack audio files has been the dream of Pat McMakin, studio manager, producer and engineer at Sony/Tree Studios. McMakin has found his solution in the A/V SAN PRO storage system from Studio Network Solutions (SNS). The system allows for concurrent high-speed storage and access of data for three Pro Tools™ systems, one of which is located in a separate building, and the studio is currently working on linking the A/V SAN PRO to yet another facility several blocks, away via fiber-optic cable.

“The A/V SAN PRO has made a huge difference in our entire workflow, providing both speed and centralized storage, as well as ultra-reliability and multi-user access,” says McMakin. “The A/V SAN PRO is a real problem-solver that has allowed us to unify our entire production workflow. Prior to the installation of the A/V SAN PRO, my assistant engineer spent most of his time moving and managing hard drives throughout the entire facility. Now that we can access any drive from any room, my assistant engineer can go back to being an assistant engineer.”

McMakin’s other concern was system backup. “With the volume of work we do, it took an incredible amount of time to back up the sessions,” says McMakin. “It’s incredibly comforting to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing our whole network is backed up every night, with everything stored in one place automatically. We don’t have to haul drives in from other rooms and have my assistant sitting there backing up each individual drive.”

The A/V SAN PRO becomes the backbone of any studio facility by employing fibre channel technology to connect multiple systems like Avid™, Pro Tools™, Sonic Solutions™ and Final Cut Pro™ to one storage/access location. Studio Network Solutions systems are designed to remain stable under the most extreme conditions. The A/V SAN PRO has earned respect among industry leaders as being nothing less than bulletproof and is scalable from a single-seat to 20 seats or more as requirements increase.

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