Top 4 New Features in ShareBrowser

ShareBrowser is our all-in-one application that helps your team organize and search for media and projects across EVO and other storage devices.

ShareBrowser is similar to Finder and Explorer, but it’s much more than a file manager: It’s designed specifically to help media teams work and collaborate more efficiently. Assets can be catalogued, tagged, and commented, enabling everyone in the workflow to more easily find, preview, and share media and projects. ShareBrowser is like Spotlight, but designed for media teams who use networked storage.

ShareBrowser is included with every new EVO.

We’re always working to improve how ShareBrowser can help your team be more efficient, and in the latest release we’ve included some great new stuff. Here are four of the most useful new features:

  1. Integration with StorageDNA
  2. EVO can be integrated with most archive solutions that can use NAS volumes for source, and now, ShareBrowser can be used to directly send folders from ShareBrowser to a StorageDNA LTO tape archive system.

    Once everything is configured, right-clicking on a folder in ShareBrowser will reveal the option “Send to StorageDNA Archive.”

    If the files being sent have custom metadata (from ShareBrowser), a JSON file will be created that contains the metadata, and it will be archived with the selected folder. This way, the metadata can be restored with the files in the future through a ShareBrowser tag/comment import.

  3. Option to throttle file copies
  4. Sometimes, copying data as fast as possible is not exactly what you want to do.

    In the latest version of ShareBrowser you can now adjust the rate of your transfer operations. It’s all handled by a convenient slider in your preferences window, and your setting is used every time you transfer files in ShareBrowser.

    The throttle is adjustable on-the-fly. This means you could start a copy, and at any time during the operation you can adjust the slider (faster or slower) to control the rate of the transfer.

    This feature is available for macOS and Windows.

  5. ShareBrowser’s Finder plug-in displays the user who locked a file
  6. Did you know that ShareBrowser includes a plug-in for Finder and Explorer? With the plug-in installed you can select files, then right-click to expose common ShareBrowser functions like project locking.

    Now, the plug-in will enable you to quickly identify which user has locked a file.

  7. Autocomplete keyword tags
  8. It’s surprising how useful autocomplete can be in just about any situation. Now, ShareBrowser will autocomplete your tags as you type, by matching them against the list of already-used tags. Not only does this speed up tagging, it also enforces consistency and helps prevent duplicate/misspelled tags.

Are you on version 4.4.1 yet? Get in touch with our support team if you have questions about upgrading!

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