Walter Afanasieff Completes Wally World with the A/V SAN PRO from Studio Network Solutions

San Rafael, California, March 28th, 2002 – A Studio Network Solutions (SNS) A/V SAN PRO Fibre Channel disk network was recently installed at renowned producer Walter Afanasieff’s Wally World studio in San Rafael, California. According to studio manager Peter Crowick it has made a significant impact on project speed and workflow at the facility. The system, consisting of a 10-disk array of Seagate Fibre Channel drives, is networked to three Macintosh G4 running Digidesign Pro Tools plus a G3 providing backup to DLT or AIT.

The A/V SAN PRO Fibre Channel disk network supports up to 128 tracks of 24-bit/48kHz performance from a single drive for applications such as Pro Tools. Simultaneous access to central data storage from multiple stations allows recording and post production studios to implement facility-wide networking and file sharing, along with simultaneous data backup.

Walter Afanasieff, whose production and songwriting credits include Carlos Santana, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Marc Anthony, has outfitted his Wally World complex with SSL and Sony consoles paired with networked Pro Tools rigs. Studio manager Crowick reports that the A/V SAN PRO has greatly improved workflow at the facility. Citing a recent Celine Dion project, Crowick says “Humberto Gattica was mixing in Studio A with the Pro Tools drive in read-only mode, and in Studio B, Francois Leland, the Pro Tools engineer, was editing the same song–the same file on the same drive–in write and read mode! That was tremendous, to be able to do that.”

An impressive list of high-powered clients has been taking advantage of the A/V SAN PRO at Wally World, says Crowick. “Kenny G has been in. We did some stuff with Santana, we were writing songs with Ricky Martin, and we’ve been working on Robbie Rosa’s new album.”

Crowick continues, “The amount of time that the A/V SAN PRO saves in pulling drives out and putting them back in is one thing. And the file management, having all the files in one folder on one drive, is tremendous. We no longer have to go searching for different drives.”

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