Angel Mountain Production & Sound Installs A/V SAN PRO

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, February 12, 2004 — With the premium placed on the availability of high-profile studio space and time of producers, engineers and musicians, Angel Mountain Production & Sound, located in Bethlehem, PA, decided to install Studio Network Solutions’ A/V SAN PRO in their new facility to ensure the reliability of the studio’s hard drive system.

A proven leader of fibre channel storage solutions, the A/V SAN PRO is designed specifically for the A/V industry to link multiple production workstations and provide concurrent, real-time access to a centralized storage system by all users. Integrated with the A/V SAN PRO system is SNS’s SANmp management software. SANmp works in parallel with the SAN to enable simultaneous, dynamic access to shared storage even in multi-platform environments.

When choosing a SAN solution there were two major criteria for Angel Mountain’s director of engineering Carl Cadden-James: stability and the ability to maximize the Pro Tools track count on a single drive. “I like the A/V SAN PRO especially for its stability and I enjoy using it in front of really important clients,” says Cadden-James. “I will put our biggest clients on the SNS system and not even flinch because it just doesn’t crash. System failures are the last thing you want happening to your clients because downtime is wasted money and just not acceptable to them.”

Recent projects completed at Angel Mountain using the A/V SAN include 5.1 remixes of Marvin Gaye’s “Lets Get It On,” Ludacris’ “Chicken and Beer”, as well as The Allman Brothers’ “Eat a Peach” and “Live at the Fillmore East.” The next project, which is set to begin shortly, is Bob Marley’s “Burnin’.”

“Being a multi-room facility, the reason the A/V SAN PRO makes so much sense for us is that we can effortlessly cut a really large project over a number of rooms,” continues Cadden-James. “We can have the same project migrating throughout our different rooms with none of the asset management headaches that are normally associated with a large project.”

Studio Network Solutions’ A/V SAN PRO system, which utilizes the fibre channel communications protocol to achieve extremely high data-transfer rates, is capable of eliminating many common hard drive and I/O-related PCI bus errors. Featuring up to 400 MB/s of throughput and concurrent access for multi-users, the system also enables simultaneous data back-up while using the drives.

About Angel Mountain Production & Sound
Angel Mountain Productions & Sound’s new multi-room studio complex spans over 18,000 sq. ft. and includes three world class 5.1 audio control rooms, soffitted Quested monitors, and the new SSL XL 9000K mixing console. The facility, built from the ground up with the most painstaking attention to both technical and architectural detail, has already taken its place as one of the largest and most encompassing audio post-production facilities in the country.

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