EVO Shared Storage FAQ


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Ordering and Updates

How can I order an EVO?
Please contact us – we can help put you in touch with a local reseller anywhere in the world.
Do I need to order ShareBrowser/EVO Suite separately?
No! An unlimited number of EVO Suite (ShareBrowser, Slingshot, Nomad) licenses are included for use with your new EVO.
How does EVO compare to... ?
Our mission is—and has always been—to help media teams of all sizes succeed, by enabling them to affordably collaborate and easily store, organize, and share huge amounts of data.

Everything we build—from our custom EVO OS to the ShareBrowser client software that we include with every EVO system—is designed to provide the best blend of shared performance and function, even in mixed NLE and cross-platform environments.

If you’re comparing and trying to decide if EVO is right for your team, please check out this article.

Where can I get the latest EVO updates?
To verify that you’re using the latest release of SNS software, please visit our current software version listing or contact our support team.

Product update notifications via X
We also announce new versions and beta programs via X. Follow Studio Network Solutions on X for instant notifications on the latest news!


How hard is setup?
Everything about EVO is built for media teams. We know that many times, customers do not have a dedicated technical person, let alone a dedicated technical staff. So we make it as easy to set up and manage as possible.

However, many customers would prefer not to even have to think about doing their own setup at all, so for this reason we offer on site installation. More commonly, we offer a very convenient “remote setup/commissioning” service. With this remotely guided service we pair you with a person on our team who specializes not in just “setting up the system,” but also in answering the workflow questions that always come up when installing a new shared storage system.

This service is often paired with a separate training session for you and your team.


Will EVO support Mac and Windows?
Yes. EVO can be used with practically any operating system, though the included ShareBrowser software is limited to support for Mac and Windows.
Will I need an Ethernet switch to connect my workstations to EVO?
This is your choice. EVO includes a number of direct-connect Ethernet ports, up to 100GbE. A switch isn’t needed unless you require more than the max number of direct-connect ports. See this article on choosing the correct switch for your workflow.


Will EVO allow additional storage chassis?
Yes, with the exception of the Prodigy model. In fact, not only can you easily expand EVO’s storage capacity (see Models & Specs), but as you add drives you can also increase EVO’s overall performance capabilities!
Will the expansion chassis use a Fibre Channel or Ethernet port?
No. The EVO Expansion Chassis, which allows certain EVO models to be expanded to accommodate more disks, is connected directly to the EVO base unit via SAS. It does not use any Fibre Channel or Ethernet ports.


How is the system backed up?
EVO offers a number of backup, copy, sync, and archive choices, including built-in replication software that you can use with other servers, other EVO systems, and Amazon S3.

You can read more about EVO’s backup options on our knowledge base.


What is the ECCN for EVO?
The Export Control Classification Code for EVO is 5A992.
What is the country of origin for EVO? (TAA Compliance)
EVO 8 Bay, EVO 16 Bay, EVO 8 Bay Live, EVO Nearline, and EVO Prodigy Desktop have a country of origin of the United States of America under the rules of origin pursuant to 19 U.S.C. § 2518(4)(B)

These products meet the requirements of substantial transformation, for purposes of government procurement (TAA) with a Country of Origin: U.S.

Can I get more details on EVO's regulatory compliance/certifications?
Please see this document for more details on regulatory compliance and certifications for all EVO models.