EVO Shared Storage FAQ

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Yes. EVO can be used with practically any operating system, though the included ShareBrowser software is limited to support for Mac and Windows.
Yes. Because EVO storage can be accessed over Fibre Channel or Ethernet, it’s able to be used not just for workstations and servers, but also for notebooks, iMac, etc.
EVO is compatible with most GbE and 10GbE adapters, with a notable exception being the integrated GbE adapter on the (quite old) MacPro 3,1 — this adapter should not be used with iSCSI. ATTO, Myricom, Solarflare, or Sonnet adapters are the only adapters recommended for use with EVO in a 10Gb Ethernet environment. Contact us for current recommendations on 25Gb or 50Gb Ethernet adapters.
EVO is compatible with the HBAs from Apple, ATTO, Emulex, and QLogic.
Yes. In fact, not only can you easily expand EVO’s storage capacity (see Models & Specs), but as you add drives you can also increase EVO’s overall performance capabilities!
Yes, a SANmp-converted EVO volume can be configured so that it can be accessible via Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS all at the same time. This unique functionality enables highly flexible workflow benefits, especially for environments that use a combination of desktops, laptops, iMacs, etc.

EVO volumes can be setup with any combination of Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS. To be both SAN and NAS accessible, the volume must first be shared over SAN, then converted with SANmp. The volume can then be NAS shared with any number of computers, even those without SANmp licenses.

Of course, volumes can be setup as NAS-only, meaning, no SAN protocols need to be mapped to the share at all.

Yes. Not only is EVO a complete SAN/NAS system, you can also use it to bridge your other Fibre Channel storage, such as an Xserve RAID, so that it can be shared over Ethernet.
Yes. EVO can be used with or without the included SANmp SAN sharing software. If you don’t want to use SANmp to share your SAN storage you can use Xsan or StorNext to share EVO’s Fibre Channel (or iSCSI) storage just like you would any FC RAID system.
A switch isn’t necessary. The base EVO accommodates direct-connect Ethernet and Fibre Channel options, so a switch isn’t needed unless you require more than the max number of direct-connect ports.
No. The EVO Expansion Chassis, which allows certain EVO models to be expanded to accommodate more disks, is connected directly to the EVO base unit via SAS. It does not use any Fibre Channel or Ethernet ports.
The Export Control Classification Code for EVO is 5A992.


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