The globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for macOS/OS X enables Mac computers to connect to practically any iSCSI storage target, using standard GbE or 10GbE hardware.

iSCSI Overview

iSCSI is a block-level protocol that enables the ability to implement a Storage Area Network (SAN) within an Ethernet/IP infrastructure. The protocol is extremely efficient and can therefore maximize the throughput of a well-designed Ethernet network. Read A Brief Introduction to iSCSI if you would like to learn more.

Sharing iSCSI volumes

If you plan to have multiple computers connecting to the same iSCSI volume, you will need management software (e.g. SANmp or Xsan) in place. Our SANmp sharing software enables multiple macOS and Windows computers to share a common pool of iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage. If you just need to share a common pool of iSCSI storage we recommend iSANmp, which is identical to SANmp, but enables iSCSI-only sharing.


Watch the globalSAN Video

In this short video we’ll demonstrate the entire process of setting up the globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for macOS.

The Initiator’s GUI installs into the System Preferences utility.

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Advanced Features of the globalSAN Initiator

The initiator includes a GUI that installs into the System Preferences utility in macOS, and a Command Line Interface you can use for scripting initiator functions.
Choose which targets the initiator should connect to automatically on startup.
The initiator services are available without logging into macOS. By using persistent targets you can enable your computer to automatically connect to targets on reboot, without a user login.
CHAP enables you to login to targets that require a password.
Login Redirect is used by some iSCSI targets as a High Availability feature.
Asynchronous Logout is a load balancing function used by some iSCSI targets to request Initiators to use a different physical network connection to the storage.
SLP is a Service Location Protocol used for discovering iSCSI-related services.
MC/S enables the initiator to combine several connections inside a single session for performance and failover purposes.
The Xtarget Storage Server is a component in globalSAN that enables you to transform your Mac into an iSCSI server.