The Xtarget storage server software can only be installed on a Mac. However, the storage it presents can be used by any computer running the Microsoft iSCSI initiator or the globalSAN iSCSI initiator.

If you have both Mac and Windows computers, you may also need to install some file system translation software depending on your requirements.

Please contact us to buy your permanent license (USB key) of Xtarget.
Yes. The Initiator license is separate from the Xtarget license. A HASP/USB key must be ordered separately to fully license the Xtarget storage server.
This depends on whether you plan to make your Xtarget storage available to multiple computers.

If you’re just using it with one computer, then you only need Xtarget.

If you plan to use it with more than one computer, then for each computer you will need the Microsoft iSCSI initiator (Windows) or the globalSAN iSCSI Initiator (Mac). You will also need iSANmp (Mac/Windows) or Xsan (Mac).

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