Introducing EVO Nearline

New at NAB — Introducing EVO Nearline. Not just for EVO users!

One of the things we’re really excited about for this year’s NAB is our new EVO Nearline system. We’ve had many customers request this, and we’re happy to finally unveil it at NAB 2016.

What is it?

EVO Nearline is an affordable server for teams that need a secondary networked-storage tier to accommodate large reference libraries, completed projects, and related media before deep archive. The system uses standard SAN and NAS protocols, which means the data store can be conveniently accessed from almost any computer. In fact, the system can be setup so that no special software whatsoever is required workstation-side.

EVO Nearline Highlights

3U 16 bay server running EVO OS and web GUI
Expandable to 640TB per managed system
Up to two ports of 10GbE or Fibre Channel
Optimized for file transfer
Includes ShareBrowser
RAID 5/6


Tiered Storage Landscape


Do I need an existing EVO to use this?

First, we’ll tell you that we designed this system to also be tiered with your existing storage systems. You can put EVO Nearline alongside your in-place storage and easily access it from workstations or other servers, using normal utilities like OS X Finder or Windows Explorer. You can even access it from iOS or Android using third-party apps.

But what if I already have an EVO?

If you already have an “online” EVO, you’ll quickly find your way around EVO Nearline, because this new system is also running the EVO OS. And we’re building out some really great integration features that will let you automate a lot of data movement/migration from EVO to EVO Nearline, so stay tuned for upcoming developments.

Do I get asset management?

Yes! We think if there’s anywhere you’d need asset management a nearline system is probably at the top of the list. So, EVO Nearline includes ShareBrowser, our easy-to-use asset management software built specifically for video editing teams. With ShareBrowser you get a window into all of your SAN, NAS, Thunderbolt, and USB storage; you can view proxies and tag/comment assets; and you can safely migrate data using MD5 checksums to verify transfers.

Interested? We’d love to talk with you about EVO Nearline.