Introducing the Short Depth EVO 8 Bay

New at NAB! The EVO 8 Bay is available in a 4RU compact form factor for facilities with big requirements and small spaces.

Just because you’re working in tight quarters doesn’t mean you have to work with limited storage!

You can now get up to 64TB of raw capacity, up to 24 ports of GbE, built-in data verification tools, and asset management — all in one short-depth 4U platform.

The new short-depth EVO 8 Bay has a compact 18″ deep 4RU chassis, engineered to fit massive storage capacity, connectivity, and performance into tight spaces and short-depth server racks — which makes it perfect for on location work, DIT stations, and mobile trucks.

Your production team generates a ton of data. You’re frequently working in different formats, working on location, in smaller office spaces, and you need storage that’s as collaborative and flexible as you are. Visit us at NAB to see why this new EVO is for you.

The new 8 bay form factor allows you to connect up to 24 users directly to the back of an EVO, with no Ethernet switch required. Producers, AEs, editors, and supervisors can all be connected to EVO to approve cuts, log footage, tag uploaded media, and edit concurrently. That means no more needless copying, and no more shuttling drives back and forth… just log on to any connected workstation and start working.

EVO 4U Highlights

4RU (18″ depth)
Up to 64TB (8 x 8TB drives)
Supports HDD or SSD
Expandable GbE, 10GbE, and Fibre Channel direct-connect ports
Perfect for DIT, on-location, and mobile trucks
Direct-connect up to 24 clients over GbE

The EVO workflow-defined shared storage system gives professional media creation teams total flexibility with built-in NAS and SAN, more connectivity, more storage capacity, enhanced features like automatic project file locking, project/bin sharing, cloud integration, proxy previews, asset tagging, RAID 5/6, LDAP/AD, and remote monitoring and setup — all in one box.

Every EVO system includes ShareBrowser — an easy-to-use asset management system designed by SNS for video editing teams. ShareBrowser allows your workgroup to share and collaborate more efficiently by providing search and tagging functions, proxy previewing, built-in data verification checks, cloud services, and other features that enhance the capabilities of your storage workflow.