Introducing EVO v6 and ShareBrowser v5

Image showing the EVO v6 hardware lineup and the latest updates to ShareBrowser, including AI autotagging, ShareBrowser for Adobe Premiere Pro, and export to DaVinci Resolve.

These new releases represent the culmination of our 20-plus-years commitment to redefining the way creative professionals interact with their storage and media. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people realize a better way to work, and all of their experiences have helped shape EVO and ShareBrowser into the products they are today.

For the latest versions, we dug deep into the operating system, obsessed over every hardware component, deepened our integrations with your favorite creative applications, and added dozens of new features and improvements designed to help you store, share, and collaborate better. We hope you love it as much as we do.



We dug deep into the far reaches of the EVO OS and our hardware platforms to give you better performance, more security, and improved reliability across the board.

ShareBrowser AI

Welcome to the future. You can now automatically tag video clips based on objects, scenes, and activities with a single click. ShareBrowser AI will massively reduce the amount of time you spend logging media.

Screenshot of ShareBrowser media asset management and AI auto-tagging for media

AI auto-tagging allows users to automatically create searchable tags for their media with a single click.

Increased Performance

We looked at everything possible to find new ways to bring you better performance, using fewer disks. EVO v6 is up to 80% faster than other shared storage systems.

Hosted DaVinci Resolve Database

EVO can now host your DaVinci Resolve PostgreSQL database, allowing you to take full advantage of Resolve’s game-changing collaboration features.

Screenshot of a hosted Resolve PostgreSQL database on EVO shared storage.

Hosting your Resolve database on EVO allows all of your collaborators to access the same media and projects seamlessly.

20% More Storage Capacity

EVO now supports 12TB drives, increasing the total capacity of all current systems by 20%, so you can maximize storage capacity with a smaller footprint.

Export to DaVinci Resolve Studio 15

You can now export your media along with ShareBrowser tags and comments directly into Resolve, making sure your metadata is always available right where you need it.

Screenshot of DaVinci Resolve Studio 15 with ShareBrowser metadata embedded into the comments and keywords fields.

ShareBrowser metadata becomes keywords and tags available inside Resolve Studio 15.

Plus dozens of other hardware and software improvements. Highlights include:

  • 12Gb SAS architecture for all 8 Bay and 16 Bay systems
  • Support for SSD RAID
  • Support for SSD caching
  • Support for 25Gb and 50Gb Ethernet
  • Improvements to Active Directory integration for very large environments (100,000+ users)
  • Selectively purge files from Recycle bin
  • NDI source and destination improvements (with optional GPU support)
  • And much more…

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