SNS 2020 Product Announcements

The time has come to unveil our vision for the future of EVO and ShareBrowser.

Last year, we released tons of features like sync, backup, and replication for Slingshot, new panels and extensions for Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects, and scale-out clustering for EVO Nearline. 2020 will bring even more innovation to your EVO shared storage server and its arsenal of easy-to-use software.


May 21, 2020 by Truman Wheeler in BLOG

A Tale of Four Nomads

For many creatives, it was simply the worst of times. There are few, if any, companies in the media production industry who were prepared for the sudden workflow shifts and shelter-in-place orders of March 2020 brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly every production team was forced to make decisions and quickly plan for a type of remote, off-site work that’s uncommon for media professionals, particularly editors. Aside from the sheer uncertainty of the situation, everyone was asking the same questions:

  • What is the best way to transport media to and from editors working remotely?
  • How can we preserve productivity as a team during the pandemic?
  • How might these circumstances change the way we work in the future?


May 15, 2020 by Truman Wheeler in BLOG

Building Your First Creative Team – Part 2

People Are More Important Than Tech

In a previous post, I said you should always start with “two” when starting your creative team. As you look to retain and expand your team, you need to understand that people are much more valuable than any technology.


May 5, 2020 by SNS Editor in BLOG

Building Your First Creative Team – Part 1

Branded Storytelling: Building Your First Creative Team

Branding today is all about storytelling. And there’s no better way to tell your story than through video. And with that, a lot of companies are realizing “Hey, I can start building my own internal creative team, I don’t always have to have an agency do my work. And if I have an internal team where they can start to know my product better, we can get more content out more cost-effectively.”


April 28, 2020 by SNS Editor in BLOG

Stitcher Powers NY to LA Collaboration with EVO and Dropbox

Photographer: John Muggenborg Photography

A New and Better Facility

Podcast network Stitcher recently moved into its new headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, building out a 2,000-square-foot production complex comprising three studios, two edit rooms and two iso booths designed in concert with WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group. The new facilities have been outfitted to accommodate Stitcher’s typical workflow, which can often involve collaboration between talent, producers and engineers at the company’s offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


April 7, 2020 by Ana Lafser in BLOG
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