Remote Workflow Updates Now Available In Nomad

A new version of Nomad is here!

What Is Nomad?

Nomad is the remote editing arm of the award-winning EVO Suite. Included with EVO for unlimited users, Nomad facilitates remote and offline editing workflows for post-production teams.

Just as most innovations are born out of necessity, Nomad was developed in March 2020 as an emergency response solution to the widespread workflow disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, Nomad has continually evolved, introducing incredible new features that streamline remote workflows and enhance accessibility for creative teams. Learn more about Nomad here.

What’s New In Nomad v.2.1?

Hold your horses—let’s take a look at Nomad v.2.0 first. The last major update to Nomad brought a whole new user experience to EVO’s remote workflow tool. The optional SNS Cloud VPN service was integrated into the Nomad user experience for a more seamless remote workflow, and new features like Nomad Delta and VPN Accelerator made their debut.

Building on that strong foundation, Nomad v.2.1 delivers additional features and new functionality for remote editors and system administrators. Here are some highlights of what’s new in Nomad v.2.1.

VPN Accelerator is enabled by default

“I wish my remote connection was slower,” said no one ever. 

VPN Accelerator is the key to unlocking faster remote access to your EVO. With the latest version of Nomad, you don’t have to remember to turn it on at all—it’s already enabled by default. VPN Accelerator for SNS Cloud VPN is now the standard, so your remote connection to EVO is secure and accelerated from the moment you log in.

Learn more about VPN Accelerator and SNS Cloud VPN here.

Proxy type identification

Slingshot, EVO’s built-in transcoder, can transcode your high-resolution footage into ShareBrowser preview proxies, Apple-certified ProRes edit proxies, or both. Nomad makes it easy to retrieve these proxy files so your users can work offline with the appropriate proxy type for their editing needs.

The new version of Nomad provides clear distinctions between downloading a ShareBrowser Preview or an Edit Proxy. This is helpful when multiple proxy types are available for your source media.

User experience

Nomad v.2.1 also offers a cleaner, more efficient user experience with new status displays and a toggle switch for VPN accelerated peers. To save extra time, Nomad now remembers your last VPN status, and will log you back into SNS Cloud VPN when reopening Nomad if you were previously connected when the application was closed.

The new release also removes Nomad’s requirement for administrator-level OS privileges, making the entire workflow more accessible to your team. (OS admin is still required when SNS Cloud VPN is active.) Read more in Nomad v.2.1 release notes.

How Can I Get Nomad?

Part of the EVO Suite, Nomad is included free with EVO for unlimited users. To get the latest version of Nomad and the entire EVO Suite of software tools, contact SNS Support.

To enable secure remote access to EVO via SNS Cloud VPN, contact SNS Sales.